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Build Office 365 & Sharepoint Business Solutions for your organisation without a single line of code

1 Oct London
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Office 365 & SharePoint for Business training course (code: SHPTOFFICE365)


This Office 365 & Sharepoint training course aims to teach delegates to build sites and site collections with both standard out of the box features, as well as customising pages, lists, libraries and sites to meet business needs. The course will not require any coding skills.


People who will be creating and managing site collections in an Office 365 SharePoint environment



Module 1 – Introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 Server

  1. Office 365 and SharePoint - modern collaboration
  2. Overview of End User, Content Manager, Site Owner and Administrator roles
  3. Sites, Lists, Libraries and Common Web Parts
  4. Team Sites and other site templates
  5. Navigation, Site Hierarchy, the Ribbon & Site Settings
  6. What’s new in SharePoint 2016
  7. Building a hierarchy of sites in a site collection

Module 2 – Introduction to Office 365 Tenancy Admin screens

  1. On Premises Central Admin vs O365 Tenancy Admin
  2. O365 Tenancy screens – Users, Licenses, and Health Reports
  3. SharePoint Admin portal
  4. Managing Site Collections
  5. Managing Services
  6. Settings and External access
  7. Creating new Site Collections

Module 3 – SharePoint Lists

  1. What’s New with SharePoint lists
  2. Modern IU vs Classic UI
  3. Create a SharePoint Team Site and Configure Lists and Libraries
  4. Add/Modify List Items, in place Edit list
  5. Create/Modify List Views, Sort/Filter, List Metadata and Navigation
  6. Add Documents to a Library, Edit Library Documents, Create Wiki Pages, Request Access to SharePoint Content
  7. Working with Library folders, properties, workflows and document sets
  8. Customize List and Library Look and Feel
  9. Connect Lists and Libraries to Outlook

Module 4 – Site Owner Role & Site Customization

  1. Customize Site Title, Description, and Icon
  2. Working with Pages to your SharePoint Site
  3. Wiki page editing
  4. Adding and Modifying Web Parts
  5. Manage the Look and Feel,
  6. Modifying Navigational Components
  7. Creating Site Templates

Module 5 – Security and User Permissions

  1. Managing Users and Permissions
  2. Site permissions, break inheritance and unique permissions
  3. Manage Security of Lists and Libraries
  4. What’s new with permissions?
    • Share button, site access requests, external access,
  5. Permissions, Permission Levels and SharePoint Groups
  6. Managing external access users
  7. Sharing and emailing links

Module 6 –Site Columns, Content Types and Managed Metadata

  1. Overview of Enterprise Content Type Architecture
  2. Managed Metadata and Custom Columns
  3. Create and Manage Site Columns
  4. Creating custom Content Types
  5. Understanding Document Sets, Term Stores, Content Type Hub
  6. Managed Metadata and Content Types
    • Common business use cases and usage scenarios
  7. Content Type Best Practices

Module 7 – Understanding Publishing Sites and Enterprise Sites

  1. Team Sites vs Publishing sites
    • Wiki page vs Publishing page process
    • Publishing pages and approval / publish process
  2. Understanding Site Templates:
    • Product Catalog, Enterprise wiki, Publishing site with workflow
  3. Overview of Design manager and branding options
  4. Alternate CSS and Master pages
  5. Understanding Page Layouts
  6. Web author - Publishing using Master Pages and Page Layouts

Module 8 – Enterprise Templates and Power BI

  1. Overview of Site collection templates and Enterprise templates
  2. Document Centre
  3. Records Centre
  4. Business intelligence Centre
  5. Power BI

Module 9 - SharePoint Workflows and Forms options

  1. SharePoint Forms and Workflow Overview
  2. SharePoint Out-of-the-box Workflows
  3. Workflow scenarios, Creating workflows, Configuring workflow settings, Deploying workflows
  4. Creating Custom Workflows and Extending existing workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
  5. Workflows best practices and 3rd party add-ons
  6. Forms Customisation options – is InfoPath dead?
  7. PowerApps and Flow

Module 10 – SharePoint Search

  1. What’s new with SharePoint Search?
  2. Enterprise Search Centre template, and default search behaviour in O365
  3. Advanced Search, People Search, Refinements
  4. Overview of Search crawl and index
  5. O365 Tenancy Search management and Search Settings
  6. Search Security, Web Parts and Alerts
  7. Customize Search Results Look and Feel

Module 11– SharePoint Administration & Governance

  1. Site and Site Collection Recycle Bin
  2. Maintaining SharePoint Sites and Site Collections
  3. Site Settings and Managing Site Features
  4. Manage Regional & Language Settings, User Alerts, RSS, Popularity trends,
  5. Site Collection Administration
  6. Features, Auditing and Search analytics
  7. Storage metrics and Health checks,
  8. HTML Field security and SharePoint Designer Usage

Appendices / Optional topics

A – Migration of Content

  1. Migrating from old SharePoint or from File shares
  2. Tools and recommendations
  3. Migration Best practices

B – OneDrive, Profiles and SharePoint Social Networking

  1. What’s New in O365 & SharePoint
    • Personal sites, OneDrive and Delve
    • Skype, Teams and Groups
  2. Managing OneDrive, My Newsfeed/Activity Feeds, Tags, Notes and Ratings
  3. Finding People in your organization, Viewing Delve pages
  4. Following, Tagging, Wiki and Blog Sites

C – SharePoint Security and Site Governance

  1. Security and Governance Overview
  2. Manage User Access to SharePoint Site, Manage SharePoint Groups and Users
  3. Permissions Inheritance Hierarchy
  4. SharePoint Security and Governance Best Practices
  • Introduction to Office 365 and SharePoint 2016 Server
  • Introduction to Office 365 Tenancy Admin screens
  • SharePoint Lists
  • Site Owner Role & Site Customization
  • Security and User Permissions
  • Site Columns, Content Types and Managed Metadata
  • Understanding Publishing Sites and Enterprise Sites
  • Enterprise Templates and Power BI
  • SharePoint Workflows and Forms options
  • SharePoint Search
  • SharePoint Administration & Governance

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