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11 October 2017

Python training | 3 Reasons why Developers and Scientists need Python

Python has taken the world of software development by storm. 

Here are the reasons why:

Python is simple enough to be used to teach young children to program,  yet it is also advanced enough to be used by M.I.T. to teach computer science and is perhaps the most widely used dynamic language with many high quality, open source libraries and frameworks.

Today's business is driven by data. Data gives your business a competitive advantage. Python enables you to extract and analyze your data with relative ease. An application that used to take weeks to develop, can be developed with Python in a matter of hours.

Python is not just for developers. Data Science professionals, Mathematicians and other professionals can also master Python with relative ease and produce great data.

Software Testers love Python. Test scripts can be developed with Python to help automate testing in an Agile, Continuous Delivery environment.

Python's versatility means that organisations need Python professionals and the skill is now in high demand, driving up career prospects and salaries for those with the right skills.

JBI provide a range of Python training courses in particular fundamentals training for those new to Python or more specifically courses to suit Data Scientists

See the video below in which delegates from a recent Python course give feedback.


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