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DevOps Introduction Training Course

Gain comprehensive DevOps Skills - with AWS, Docker, Ansible and Terraform

15 Apr London
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DevOps Introduction training course (code: DEVOPS)


Our DevOps training course / boot camp  is designed to give students from both the developer and sysops practices experience of a selection of the tools that have emerged as part of the DevOps tool chain. We focus on the idea of deploying large-scale complex systems in the  AWS cloud.

In 5 days the course covers the basics of virtualisation with Amazon Web Services, using AMI in the cloud, continuous integration  and continuous deployment systems, containerisation with Docker, configuration management using both Ansible and Terraform  along with  monitoring and maintenance.


IT Managers, Developers, Operations Staff, Network Administrators


Introduction to DevOps

Introduction to AWS

Cloud Paradigm
Cloud Storage
Cloud Compute
Operations & Managed Services

Docker 1

Installation of Docker

Installation on Ubuntu and Windows
Using Docker Machine for host provisioning
Docker Machine drivers for cloud providers

Container life cycle

Creating and running containers
Stopping and restarting
Investigating a container
Viewing the logs
Looking at processes
Removing a container and its data

Dockerizing applications

The hello world example
Interactive Bash container
Building an image by committing changes
Building an image from a Dockerfile
Automated builds based on GitHub
Running more than one process in a container
gosu helper tool
Running a webapp in a single container
Running a webapp in micro services architecture

Docker 2

Managing images

Finding and downloading existing images
Docker Hub and local repository
Sharing images with others
Deploying a private image repository

Networking of containers

Port mapping
Container linking and naming
Creating and managing custom networks
Network over many Docker hosts

Data in containers

Data volumes
Host directories and files as data volume
Data volume containers
Data volumes shared between Docker Hosts
Backup and restore of data volumes


Introduce Ansible
Describe the terminology and architecture of Ansible.
Deploy Ansible
Install Ansible and run ad hoc commands.
Implement playbooks
Write Ansible plays and execute a playbook.
Manage variables and inclusions
Describe variable scope and precedence, manage variables and facts in a play, and manage inclusions.
Implement task control
Manage task control, handlers, and tags in Ansible playbooks.
Implement Jinja2 templates
Implement roles
Create and manage roles.
Configure complex playbooks

TerraforM 1



AWS Setup
Software Provisioning
Remote State
Data Sources

Terraform with AWS

Introduction  to VPCs
EC2 instances in VPC
Elastic Block Storage
Private static IPs, EIPs and DNS (Route53)

Terraform 2

Elastic Load Balancers and Application
Load Balancers in AWS

Introduction to DevSecOps

AWS Security
Securing Images
Patching Images
Monitoring AWS
Secure Deployments
Security & Dynamic Testing of Images


  • Introduction to AWS
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Terraform
  • Introduction to DevSecOps
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