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12 Nov London
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Ext JS training course (code: EXTJSINT)

Develop Versatile, Modern Web Applications With ExtJS



Our Ext JS training course is expert-led and designed to teach you how to use this JavaScript application framework for building interactive cross platform web applications using techniques such as Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting.





Day 1

Session 1: Introducing the Course

  • About the Course 
  • Course Objectives 
  • Course Prerequisites 
  • Required Software 
  • Optional Software 
  • Course Outline


Session 2: Getting Started with Ext JS 4.1

  • Obtaining Ext JS 4.1
  • The structure of the Ext JS installation
  • Configuring an IDE to work with Ext JS 4.1 
  • NetBeans used by default
  • The meaning of the different .js files provided
  • The Sencha Platform (and Sencha Touch)
  • Ext JS 4.1 online Resources


Session 3: Writing your first Ext JS Application

  • Structuring your web page
  • Writing Ext JS program
  • A simple Hello World application using Ext JS 4.1
  • Practical


Session 4: Classes in Ext JS 4.1

  • Defining a Class (Ext.define)
  • Creating new objects (Ext.create)
  • Automatically generating getters and setters with the config property 
  • Understanding the Ext Core 
  • Core packages and namesapces
  • Statics
  • Practical


Session 5: Existing classes and packages

  • Dynamic Class loading 
  • Ext.require v. Ext.uses
  • Core classes and packages


Day 2

Session 6: Classes Part 2: Constructors, Mixins and Inheritance

  • Extending a Class 
  • Constructors
  • Invoking parent class constructors 
  • Introducing Mixins


Session 7: The Data Package

  • Overview of Ext.data package
  • The Model class
  • Defining Models
  • Model Field types Ext.data.Types 
  • Validating the Model Ext.data.validations
  • Defining Associations between Models (belongsTo, hasMany)
  • Practical


Session 8: Stores and Proxies (1)

  • Overview of Stores 
  • holders of instances of models
  • managers of models
  • Defining Stores (Ext.data.Store)
  • Using proxies with Stores
  • The Ext.data.proxy package
  • Client Proxies (hierarchy and concrete classes)
  • LocalStorageProxy, SessionStorageProxy, MemoryProxy
  • Readers (Ext.data.reader)
  • Writers (Ext.data.writer)
  • Practical


Session 9: Stores and Proxies (2)

  • Server Proxies (hierarchy and concrete classes)
  • Ajax Proxy, Rest Proxy, JsonP Proxy
  • Sorting
  • Filtering


Session 10: Persisting UI State

  • Stateful Components 
  • Provider vs. Manager 
  • Setting a Provider 
  • Application Specific State Management 


Day 3

Session 11: Charts

  • Ext.window
  • The Chart class
  • Its constituent parts
  • Sample charts
  • Bar Chart / Grouped Bar Chart
  • Column Chart
  • Line Chart / Grouped Line Chart
  • Area Chart / Grouped Area Chart
  • Scatter Chart / Grouped Scatter Chart
  • Pie Chart / Donut Chart
  • Radar Chart / Gauge Chart
  • Practical


Session 12: Event Handling

  • Events in Ext & DOM Events 
  • Observable classes 
  • Custom Events 
  • Event Handlers & Delegated Event Handling 
  • Practical


Session 13: Containers, Panels and Layouts

  • Containers and Panels
  • Container Layouts
  • Container Layout Hierarchy
  • Sample layouts
  • Fit Layout / Border Layout / Card Layout
  • Auto Layout / Anchor Layout
  • Hbox Layout / Vbox Layout
  • Accordion Layout / Column Layout / Table Layout
  • Absolute Layout
  • The Ext.ComponentManager class
  • The Ext.ComponentQuery class
  • Ext.container.Container functions 
  • query, child, down and up
  • Practical


Session 14: Component Layouts

  • Component Layouts overview
  • Review of Layouts
  • Dock Layout / Tool Lay0ut / Field Layout / TriggerField Layout
  • Commonly used panels layout combinations
  • Viewport / TabPanel / GridPanel / FormPanel
  • Practical


Day 4

Session 15: Working with Grids

  • Grids the very idea
  • Columns
  • Feature support
  • Grouping, Grouping Summary, Summary, RowBody
  • Grid Plugins
  • Cell editing, Row Editing
  • Storing data to a server
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Practical


Session 16: Working with Trees

  • The Tree panel
  • Check trees
  • Tree grid
  • Drag and Drop
  • Sorting within the tree
  • Practical


Session 17: Working with Forms

  • Forms overview
  • Form fields
  • FormPanel vs. BasicForm 
  • Form label
  • Applying Validation processing
  • Actions
  • Using Field as Mixin 
  • Practical
  • Introducing the Course
  • Getting Started with Ext JS 4.1
  • Writing your first Ext JS Application
  • Classes in Ext JS 4.1
  • Existing classes and packages
  • Classes Part 2: Constructors, Mixins and Inheritance
  • The Data Package
  • Stores and Proxies (1)
  • Stores and Proxies (2)
  • Persisting UI State
  • Charts
  • Event Handling
  • Containers, Panels and Layouts
  • Component Layouts
  • Working with Grids
  • Working with Trees
  • Working with Forms
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