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22 Apr London
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XML Introduction training course (code: XML)


The Comprehensive Introduction to XML Training Course provides an intensive hands-on introduction to developing real world XML based systems in a distributed environment. With XML playing and import role in the storage and  communication of data, for people who need to understand XML documents this course provides a good essential knowledge of the role and structure of XML documents.


Developers looking to discover the power and benefits of XML through hands-on practical application of the technology.


Introduction to XML

What is XML?
XML document tags
Rules for naming XML terms
The XML document - elements, the hierarchical element structure
The XML document attributes - elements vs. attributes, entities, text
A well formed XML document

Using XML

XML in the Enterprise
XML over the web
XML architecture and design
Some XML applications (XHTML, SVG)

Validating XML documents - I

DTD - Document Type Definition

Using a DTD, a sample DTD
Definition of elements, attributes, entities

Validating XML documents - II

XML Schemas

Schema Grammar and vocabulary
Elements, schema, datatype, attribute type, group, description
Referring to a schema in an XML file
Converting DTD to schemas
Using namespace and open model

Styling and displaying XML
CSS Cascading Style Sheets

The History of CSS
Selector by attribute (class, id)
Styles (units, colours, display/background, text, font, border, margin)
Styles (padding, classification, positioning)

Styling and transforming XML
XSL eXtensible Style Language

XSL capabilities
XSL style sheets
Matching elements by location Xpath
Matching attributes and ids
Testing for existence
Processing XSL and program flow
XSL number and string functions
Node-set functions
Sample style sheets
Examples using formatting objects
Variables, white space
Importing style sheets

 DOM Document Object Model


A document tree
Accessing the DOM
The DOM Interfaces
Accessing nodes
Data types returned by DOM Methods
Adding nodes
Node interface, types, attributes, methods
The Character Data Interface
The element interface
Implementing DOM


Parsing XML

SAX Simple APIs for XML


SAX - how it works
How to parse an XML document
HandlerBase class
Element, text callbacks
DOM versus SAX
Parsing XML
SAX parser considerations
Java parsers


  • Using an XML editor to create files.
  • Creating and displaying graphical information.
  • Turning your old HTML into fresh XHTML.
  • Adding colour to XML with CSS stylesheet files.
  • Searching an inventory using XPath queries.
  • Managing a list of contact informatIon.
  • Producing PDF files from XML
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