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1 Apr London
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WCF training course (code: WCFDEV)


Our Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) training course  is expert-led focusing on creating web services utilising the many features available with WCF.  This course explores WCF to illustrate its flexibility allowing use of a range of protocols and security techniques.  The approach is to first create simple services and their clients before quickly moving on to support a wide range of features.


Developers and Architects who need to realise the full potential of WCF within their .NET projects.


Introduction to WCF

Overview of SOA
WCF architecture
Endpoints (Address, Binding and Contract)
Metadata exchange
Implementing and consuming a service

Defining Service Contracts

Mapping operations to methods
Overloading operations
Using inheritance
Best practices
Querying contracts
Message contracts
Implementing catch-all contracts

Defining Data Contracts

What is a data contract?
Serialization issues
Using data contract attributes
Versioning data contracts
Using data sets and tables
Using collections and generics

Defining Endpoints and Behaviors

Defining multiple endpoints
Adding behaviors to services and endpoints
Calling non-WCF services
Managing service instances (per-call, per-session and singleton)
Throttling calls

Managing Operations and Concurrency

Overview of message exchange patterns (MEPs)
Defining synchronous request-reply operations
Defining one-way operations
Defining asynchronous call-back operations
New call-back option of Task-Asynchronous Pattern (PAT) (.NET 4.5)
Service synchronization
Managing events

Handling Faults

Overview of service-level faults
Defining fault contracts
Handling exceptions at the client

Managing Security

Security concepts
Binding security
Specifying credentials
Obtaining security information
Application scenarios (intranet, Internet, B2B, anonymous clients)
Federated security and WIF 


Overview of WS-Discovery
Simple ad-hoc service discovery
Using scope when discovering endpoints
Service announcements


Overview of RoutingService
Hosting the RoutingService
Configuring the RoutingService with message filters
Content-based routing
Protocol bridging
Error handling
Multicast routing

Managing Transactions

The role of transactions in SOA
Implementing transactional operations
Transaction management and propagation

Queued Services

Brief Overview of queued services

RESTful Services (WCF and Web API)

Overview of REST
REST bindings in WCF
Web API RESTful services
Creating Controllers

Workflow Services

Role of WF in WCF
Creating and hosting a workflow service
Managing workflow instances remotely
Using workflow activities
Consuming Workflow Services


Shorter overview courses also available.



  • Windows Communication Foundation Architecture
  • Understand what a Service Oriented Architecture is
  • Understand Endpoints (Addresses, Bindings, Contracts)
  • Create Web Services
  • Create Service Clients
  • Use diagnostics tools (Message Logging and Tracing)
  • Understand Security Considerations
  • Understand Routing
  • Create REST Services using Web API
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1st Apr 2019 - 3 days £1495

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