Java EE 7 for Developers Training Course

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Java EE 7 for Developers training course (code: JEEDEV)

Build Rock Solid Professional Enterprise Level Back End Applications With JavaEE'S Latest Features


Our JavaEE training course will show you how to build end to end applications using JEE best practices, design patterns, and technologies to ensure that you get a performant, scalable JEE applications. The course is constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and best practices in JEE developmen,and is delivered by leading figures in the Java world.

JBI have been running Java courses since the language first came out in the mid 1990's and we feel well equipped to add value.


Experienced Java programmers who require the skills to develop enterprise applications.



Part 1: Web Development with JEE 7

JEE Overview

·        The JEE Environment

·        System Architecture Servlets

·        Servlets and HTTP Requests

·        The HTTP Servlet Model

·        The MVC Architecture

·        The HTTP Servlet Lifecycle

·        Writing and Running HTTP Servlets

·        Forwarding and Including

·        Request Parameters

·        Servlet Initialization and Context Parameters

·        Web Application State and Session Management

·        Using annotations in JEE 6

·        Asynchronous processing (supports Ajax)


·        How JSPs work

·        Creating a Java Server Page

·        Web application architecture

·        JSP and XML Elements 

·        Request Dispatching

·        Implicit Objects

·        Error Handling

·        Custom Tags and Tag Libraries 

·        JSP Expression Language

·        EL expressions

·        Variables and Functions



·        The JSF Life Cycle 

·        Standard JSF Tags

·        JSF Expressions

·        Creating and Using Beans

·        Navigating JSF Pages

·        Input Conversion

·        Input Validation 

·        Event Handling

·        Using Ajax with JSF

·        Facelets

·        Using Templates

·        Accessing beans using CDI


Part 2: Business Development with JEE 7


·        Context Dependency injection in JEE

·        Managing beans using CDI

·        Wiring CDI beans

·        Working with Decorators and Interceptors



·        Why EJBs? 

·        The EJB Architecture and Container

·        Overview of EJB 3.2

·        Types of EJBs 

·        Creating and using Session Beans

·        Message Driven Beans 

More on EJBs

·        Using EJBs in the middle tier

·        Singleton beans

·        Asynchronous operations

·        Concurrency annotations

·        Integrating Spring and EJBs


Persistence with JPA

·        Overview of JPA and providers

·        Entity Managers

·        Using JPA annotations

·        The Bean Validation Framework

·        Modelling associations

·        Modelling inheritance

·        Using JPQL for queries

·        Controlling transactions

·        Using other providers (e.g. Hibernate)


  • How to build a modern web presentation tier, exploiting the latest JSF components and rich client techniques.
  • How to build better and simpler EJBs with EJB 3 and annotation techniques.
  • How to leverage XML with better programming techniques and easier creation of web services.
  • How to improve access to relational data with the Java Persistence API.
  • How to manage transactions and security in a Java EE environment.
  • Assess vanilla Java EE versus popular framework alternatives.
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