TFS for Testers Training Course

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TFS for Testers training course (code: VSTSTEST)

Use Team Foundation Server in Visual Studio 2015/2017 And Explore Ways To Improve Team Performance Through Better Control Of Shared Resources


Our TFS for Testers training course is expert-led and focuses on Visual Studio and associated tools including Team Foundation Server (TFS) to support Testing.  Visual Studio and TFS tools are introduced which support an Agile process before considering tools for testing.  This course concentrates on exploring Testing techniques and how these can be used and integration with Team Projects.


Developers and project managers who need to gain practical experience in using the Testing elements of Visual Studio .NET and TFS.




Approaches to testing:
    Test Driven Development
    Testing vs Debugging
    Visual Studio 2015/2017 support for Testing
    Microsoft Test Manager for Manual Testing

Visual Studio .NET Test Tools

Test Explorer
Creating Test Projects
Test Configuration
Viewing Results

Test Projects

Test Project options:
    Unit Test
    Manual Test
    Ordered Test
    Load Test
    Web Test

Designing Tests

What to Test
Boundary Conditions
Isolating Testing
Mock Objects
Use of Interfaces
.NET Framework support for testing

Testing Attributes

Testing frameworks MS Test vs NUnit
Framework specific Attributes
Initializing and Cleanup of Unit Tests
Parameterising Tests


Assert Methods for:
    Null (Not Null)
Custom Error Messages

TestS and HANDLING Exceptions

Checking for Exceptions
Unhandled Exceptions
Tests and Reflection
Testing private/protected members
Avoiding intrusive testing
Testing Asynchronous Methods

Microsoft Test Manager (Manual Tests)

Use of Microsoft Test Manager
Integration with TFS and Team Project
Creating Test Plans
Creating Test Suites
Creating Test Cases
Running Tests
Creating Bugs

Test Effectiveness

Code Coverage
Coverage Statistics

  • Understand Visual Studio and TFS tools
  • Testing options available
  • To write Unit Tests and Test Design
  • Understand Microsoft test Framework and/or NUnit test Framework
  • How to test for errors in code
  • Manual Testing using Microsoft Test Manager
  • How to integrate use of Tests with Team Project
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