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Agile For Product Owners Training Course

Learn Agile/Scrum And Apply This Popular Framework To Your Agile Projects

1 Apr London
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Agile For Product Owners training course (code: fOR)


JBI's Agile training course are to give the delegate an insight into the Agile/Scrum Project Management philosophy, and how it can be applied by various members of the project team.

Using the fundamentals of the Scrum product development methodology and Agile Project Management approach, the course will introduce delegates to Agile concepts and demonstrate how it can be used to deliver Scrum projects, with the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by Agile. 

We will give a comprehensive overview of the role and the key principles and practices that characterise the best Product Owners. Clear explanations are backed up with interactive exercises, in-depth discussion and helpful examples. 


Anyone involved in software development – from business analysis, planning and architecture, through to coding and testing.



What is Agile and Scrum

    Scrum Principles
    Scrum Artifacts
    Scrum Ceremonies
    Scrum Roles

Working with User Stories

    Capturing Acceptance Criteria
    Non-Functional Requirements

Estimating and Planning

Release Planning

Sprint Planning

    Stories into Tasks
    Commitment-based Planning

During the Sprint

    Daily stand-up
    Grooming the Backlog


Tracking and Reporting

Agile technical practices

    Test Driven Development
    Continuous Integration
    Pair Programming

Scrum Simulation to end

  • Interface between the customer and the development team,
  • collaborative relationships and agile best practices surrounding user stories
  • Underpinning philosophy and principles of Agile project managementand its benefits
  • Describe the Scrum principles and understand the responsibilities of a Product Owner
  • Understand the execution of timeboxed iterations.
  • Break down estimate and plan requirements and user stories
  • Take part in the planning and transition to Agile development
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1st Apr 2019 - 2 days £1495

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