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8 Feb London
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Microservices Architecture training course (code: MICROSRV)

Learn The Principles Of Microservices Architecture - Build Modern, Scalable, Highly Available and Easily Maintainable Applications



In this Microservices training course you will learn a modern approach for building scalable, highly available and easily maintainable applications.

We will describe the microservices architecture and show how it enables the agile development and deployment of applications. You will learn about Domain Driven Design and tools that enable Microservices.

You will gain an understanding of Microservices and the relationship with SOA and DevOps, learn techniques for designing and migrating to Microservice architecture, understand communicating infrastructure technologies, appreciate how to use tools for enabling microservices,  incorporate Security, Testing and Quality into a microsystems architecture and finally how to monitor microsystems and size appropriately for maximum scalability


This course is suitable for Enterprise Architects who need to design flexible large-scale systems
and oversee agile development of services that meet business needs.



Course Detail

What are Microservices?                                                 

Small and focused                                                  

Loosely coupled                                                     


Bounded context                                                    

Comparing microservices and monolithic architectures                       


Benefits from Microservices                                               

Enterprise solutions context                                           

Challenges with monolithic architecture                                  

Developer perspective                                               

Tester perspective                                                  

Business owner perspective                                           

Service management perspective                                       


What to avoid with Microservices                                          

Don’t start with microservices                                         

Don’t even think about microservices without DevOps                      

Don’t manage your own infrastructure                                  

Don’t create too many microservices                                   

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the potential latency issue                   


How is this different than service-oriented architecture?                        

Case studies and most common architectural patterns                         

An e-commerce discount site                                         

Financial Services Company                                           

Large brick-and-mortar retailer                                        

Example scenarios using microservices                                     


 Characteristics of Microservices architecture                                 


 Design for failure                                                   

 Decentralized data management                                      


 Inter-service communication design                                    

 Dealing with complexity                                             

 Evolutionary design                                                


 Designing Microservices                                                 

 Use design thinking to scope and identify microservices                    

 Choosing the implementation stack                                    

 Sizing the microservices                                              


 REST API and messaging                                               



 REST and messaging together                                        


 DevOps and Microservices 

 Why you should use DevOps                                             

 Defining DevOps                                                   

 DevOps is a prerequisite to successfully adopting microservices             

 Organizing teams to support microservices                              

 Organize a DevOps team to support other microservices teams              


 DevOps capabilities for Microservices architecture                            

 Continuous business planning                                        

 Continuous integration and collaborative development                     

 Continuous testing                                                 

 Continuous release and deployment                                   

 Continuous monitoring                                              

 Continuous customer feedback and optimization                          


 Microservices governance                                               

 Centralized versus decentralized governance                            

 Enterprise transformation for microservices                              

 DevOps capabilities: Testing strategies for microservices                       

 Considerable testing methods                                        

 Building a sufficient testing strategy                                     

  • Understand Microservices and the relationship with SOA and DevOps
  • Move from business requirements to service design
  • Learn techniques for designing and migrating to Microservice architecture
  • Understand communicating infrastructure technologies
  • Appreciate how to use tools for enabling microservices
  • Incorporate Security, Testing and Quality into a microsystems architecture
  • Monitor microsystems and size appropriately for maximum scalability


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