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4 Mar London
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Backbone.js training course (code: BACKBONE)


Our Backbone training course is expert-led and shows delegates how to create single-page web applications using Backbone.js and how to keep various parts of your web applications synchronised.  It is a highly practical course and delegates will create real applications which they can then take away.


Web and IT professionals who know Javascript and wish to progress and take advantage of the latest libraries.


Backbone Dependencies: jQuery 

  • jQuery Review 
  • Backbone Dependencies: Underscore 
  • Single Page Applications 
  • Philosophy, usage, and convention 
  • Core Backbone Components 
  • Prototypal Inheritance and Extension 


Overview of the Comments Application

  • Comments Project Setup 
  • Comments Model, Collection and View 
  • Comments Application View 
  • Summarizing the functionality 
  • Comments Project Setup and Dependencies 
  • Advanced Feature Demonstration 
  • Code Walkthrough 
  • Additional Code Features 


Backbone Models In-Depth

  • Models In-Depth 
  • Model.parse & Model.toJSON 
  • Defining Models 
  • Using RESTful APIs 
  • Live Coding: REST APIs 
  • Persona Questions 


Backbone Views In-Depth

  • Views & Templates 
  • Rendering Templates 
  • DOM Events and Memory Management 
  • Responsible Rendering 


Backbone Collections and Routers In-Depth

  • Collections
  • Retrieving Model Data 
  • Syncing Data with the Server 
  • Routing Background 
  • Backbone Router 
  • Router Code Walkthrough


Testing Backbone Applications

  • Backbone API Project Introduction 
  • Testing in Backbone 
  • Writing Tests 
  • Using Sinon.js
  • Testing Event Handlers 
  • Testing Views
  1. Backbone Dependencies: jQuery
  2. Overview of the Comments Application
  3. Backbone Models In-Depth
  4. Backbone Views In-Depth
  5. Backbone Collections and Routers In-Depth
  6. Testing Backbone Applications
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4th Mar 2019 - 2 days £1495

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