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PhoneGap Cordova Training Course

Learn PhoneGap & Cordova - Rapidly Develop Apps that will run on any mobile platform

1 Apr London
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PhoneGap Cordova training course (code: PHONEGAP)


This Phonegap/Cordova training course is aimed at developers who are looking to create a single code-base for all mobile platforms. Our expert instructors will show you how Apache Cordova and PhoneGap provide this with HTML/CSS/JavaScript apps published to all major platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8, BADA etc.)


Delegates wishing to learn to develop PhoneGap & Cordova mobile Applications




Essential Skills

·         HTML, CSS and Javascript
·         jQuery and jQueryUI frameworks
·         Optional jQueyrmobile and BBUI frameworks
·         AJAX and JSON
·         Local storage
·         App navigation techniques


Apache Cordova and PhoneGap build

·         Understanding the open source parts of PhoneGap (Cordova)
·         Where Adobe PhoneGap Build fits in
·         Free and paid accounts with Adobe PhoneGap Build
.         Creating a Development Environment
·         Eclipse with Plug-Ins
·         Running Android Simulators
·         Optional Apple Mac setup in XCode


Mobile Projects

·         Creating a new project
·         Importing a boiler-plate project
·         Enabling PhoneGap for existing projects


Obtaining and Using Signing Certificate Keys

·         Apple Developer program
·         Android Developer keys
·         Blackberry and Windows keys


Understanding the Technologies

·         WebKit
·         Overview of native app development structures
·         Overview of essential platform-specific configuration files
·         App icons, covers and UI furniture
·         PhoneGap white-listing


Mobile-Specific Coding Techniques

·         Writing Javascript Optimised for Mobile
·         Managing memory on mobiles
·         CSS optimisations
·         User-Interface best practices
·         When to go native


Accessing Native APIs

·         Geolocation
·         Camera
·         Accelerometer
·         Contacts
·         Other device-specific APIs



·         Subscribe to platform developer schemes as required (may incur fees)
·         Plan and Create App
·         Test and Debug
·         Compile to multiple platforms with PhoneGap build
·         Overview of the command-line compile process
·         Deploy to app markets


Additional Development tools

·         Blackberry and Windows Phone 8 emulators
·         Ripple Emulator in Chrome
·         Free Microsoft tools for Windows 8


  • Essential Skills
  • Apache Cordova and PhoneGap build
  • Mobile Projects
  • Obtaining and Using Signing Certificate Keys
  • Understanding the Technologies
  • Mobile-Specific Coding Techniques
  • Accessing Native APIs
  • Workflow
  • Additional Development tools
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