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Oracle SQL Introduction Training Course

Rapidly Gain Oracle SQL Skills - Learn To Interrogate and Retrieve Useful Corporate Data

17 Dec London
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Oracle SQL Introduction training course (code: ORACSQL)


The JBI Oracle SQL training course provides a thorough introduction to SQL language coding.  Basic features are covered in detail, and then the course moves on to more advanced topics such as wide selection of scalar and group functions, group by, SQL Joins (including ANSI standard join syntax) and correct use of union, intersect and minus. The course finishes with introducing main-line approaches to using DML (insert, update and delete) plus a simple review of basic DDL (creating tables, indexes, plus use of primary keys and foreign keys. Delegates are encouraged to work with the lecturer in class, trying smaller demo techniques, and then going on to more interesting coding challenges in a set of exercises. Often skeleton code is available, so code adaption is possible (thus mimicking common coding practice).


The course is suitable for any personnel involved in the maintenance of Oracle applications and databases and for users with some technical knowledge who wish to extend that knowledge and for end users who wish to construct their own reports. The course is a pre-requisite for the Database Administration and PL/SQL Courses. The skills learnt on this course can be applied to any Oracle Database version including 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g.


Introduction to SQL.

What is SQL and what is it used for?

Data Dictionary

Using the Data Dictionary

The SELECT Statement

Mandatory Clauses
The WHERE Clause 
The ORDER BY Clause

Substitution Variables

Lexical and Bind variables


Numeric, Character, and Miscellaneous Functions 
Group Functions SUM, AVG, COUNT, STDDEV
Rollup, Cube 


Queries within Queries
Basic Sub Queries 
Complex Sub Queries 

Joining Tables

Cartesian Products 
Standard Table Joins 
Self Referencing Table Joins 
Inner and Outer Joins

Report Formatting

Page Settings 
Page Titles 
Page Numbering


Creating Views 
Restricting Data Access with Views 
Simplifying Database Design

Users, Privileges and Synonyms, Security

Changing your password 
Allowing Other Users Access to Your Tables

Data Manipulation

Inserting Data Into Tables 
Updating Data 
Deleting Data

Table Locking

Commit and Rollback 
Table and Row Level Locking 
Assigning your own Locking Level

Nested functions

Advanced SQL*Plus Techniques

Generating SQL from SQL 
Spooling Output 
Copying Tables

SQL*Plus Performance Tuning, using Explain Plan

Basic Performance Tuning 
Performance Information using Explain Plan Utility

  • Create and maintain Oracle tables.
  • Insert, update, delete data from Oracle tables.
  • Produce complex queries.
  • Format queries in to Reports.
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17th Dec 2018 - 3 days £1495

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