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29 November 2017

Secure Coding Training | The Increasing need for Secure Coding

As cybercrime increases, so does the need for developers proficient in secure coding. The internet allows new pathways for cyber criminals to attack, posing a severe threat to businesses, consumers and the entire economy as a whole. In 2015, Cybercrime cost the UK Government approximately £27, showing the crucial need for developers with secure programming skills, which can be gained through secure code training.

The heartbleed bug is one of the most well known examples of why secure coding is so important, leaving over half a million of the Internet’s secure web servers in the popular OpenSSL/TSL cryptographic software library exposed to attack for over two years, making it one of the worst internet flaws ever uncovered. With one simple error, anyone with an internet connection and the correct knowledge could access 64KB of server memory as many times as they wanted without a trace. This allowed people to eavesdrop on communications and steal ideas. Those companies affected include Google, Pinterest, Youtube, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Instagram and more. Gaming platforms were some the most heavily attacked servers, with a vast amount of sensitive data being stolen, such as passwords and credit card information. Even though the heartbleed bug has been made public knowledge and there are methods of fixing the error, many servers are still operating whilst being completely vulnerable.

There are many certifications where individuals are tested on their ability to develop defensible code, however developers must first learn the relevant skills through a secure coding course. At JBI, developers can learn secure coding for java, javascript, ASP.NET, PHP and more. As the prevalence of Cyber Crime continues to expand, and techniques for breaching security become more complex, it is essential developers stay up to date with the relevant secure coding training in order to combat this growing threat.

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