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7 January 2018

RxJava Customised Training Course - Onsite

Instructor summary Notes from a recent RxJava course, run by JBI Training at our client site:

* A team of 5 Android developers starting to adopt more RxJava

* Basic Java and RxJava skills were delivered

* During the course they got a clear idea of the RxJava basics in terms of which operators to use for which use cases etc.

* Two team members had been using RxJava for half a year but were a bit unclear on the foundation (no good material on the internet)

* The team members who were less experienced got a deep dive and some material to use to learn further on their own (two days is good for going through what they need to learn along the way)

* Complex nested network requests were difficult to handle in traditional network calls

* We sat down together and cleaned up some of their existing code as a point of reference (refactoring vanilla Java to RxJava is typically something clients want to do on their own code base)

* Left them with a couple of more complete examples of apps that they can investigate on their own time


See our RxJava training course outline or request info

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