SharePoint 2010 Development Training Course

25 Sep London
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SharePoint 2010 Development training course (code: SHRPTDEV)




Developers who need to get extensive hands-on experience of developing robust, enterprise-class SharePoint 2010 solutions.


Course Outline

Our Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 training course has been designed to give developers everything they need to know to begin using SharePoint 2010 to create commercial collaboration and portal projects.

The course is founded upon the extensive real-world implementation experience of our course authors, and also takes into account feedback from real developers about the topics they need to cover to meet deadlines with good solid architecture and code.

What you will learn

  • Administration essentials for developers
  • Client Object Model including Silverlight
  • Developing Web Parts
  • Programmatic Navigation
  • Business Connectivity Services
  • Sandbox solutions
  • SharePoint Security
  • SharePoint 2010 Workflows

Hands On Exercises

The course will contain a substantial amount of Hands-On work. Delegates will be introduced to topics during theory sessions and these will be followed by lab exercises relating to the topic. Delegates will work on practical exercises which will reflect commercial scenarios.


SharePoint 2010 Application Development Training Course UK

Getting Started

Sharepoint as a Development Platform
Creating a Site
Lists and Pages
Sharepoint Architecture
Virtual Paths and Safe Mode


About Features
Deploy Files with Module
Define Fields
Create Content Types
Create List Instances

Developing Sharepoint Solutions with Visual Studio 2010

Sharepoint 2010 Project and Item Templates
Using the Feature Designer 
Using the Package Designer and Package Explorer
Configuring Deployment and Activation
Importing Web Solution Packages

Writing Managed Code with Sharepoint Object Model

Core Classes in Microsoft Sharepoint 
Display Webs and Lists with a Web Part 
Elevation of Privelages
Managing Resources with Dispose 
Using SPDisposeCheck 
Basic Troubleshooting

Programming Lists with Managed Code

List Object Model 
Manipulate Lists and List Items 
Create List Instances 
Define Views 
CAML Queries 
LINQ to Sharepoint

User Controls and Web Parts

Control Basics 
Create User Cotrols 
Visual Web Parts 
Delegate Controls 
Create Web Parts 
Exposing Properties to the Web Part Editor 
Create Custom Editor Parts

SharePoint Client Object Model (OM)

Introduction to the Client Object Model
Loading Object Instances
Using the Client Object Model in Managed Code
Using the Client Object Model in Silverlight Clients

Using theClient Object Models in JavaScript (ECMA Script) Clients

Using the Dialog Framework

Programming with List Items and Custom List Forms

Create, Read, Update and Delete List Items
Dealing with Complex Field Types
Creating Event Handlers
Creating Custom List Forms into Visual Studio Solutions
Incorporating Custom List Forms into Visual Studio Solutions
Creating Fully Custom List Forms in Visual Studio
Adding Custom Actions to the Ribbon and Edit Control Block

Basic Look and Feel

Control Basic Look and Feel
Using Features and .NET
Creating and Using Themes
Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 
Using Themes with Custom Styles

Master Pages

Creating Sharpoint Master Pages in ASP.Net
Understanding the V4.Master Page
Default and Custom Master Page Tokens
Build Custom Master Pages
Deploy Custom Master Pages
Sandbox Solutions

Sandbox Overview

Sandbox Benefits
Sandbox Limitations
Visual Studio 2010 Sharepoint Power Tools
Creating Visual Web Parts
Full Trust Proxies

Site Definition and Web Templates

Core Foundation Site Definitions
Custom Site Definitions
WebTemp and ONET.xml
Web Template Features

Full Trust Proxies


Creating Users and Groups with Code
Defining and Using Permissions Levels Programmatically
Rights Masks and Security Trimming
Writing Authorization Code

Navigation and the Ribbon

Configuring Navigation Programmatically

SPMenu Control
Using Custom Actions for Menus and Links
Using Custom Actions for Ribbon Controls
Working with the Ribbon

Business Connectivity Services

Understanding Business Data Connectivity Services
Creating External Content Types and Lists with Sharepoint Designers
Adding Actions
Consuming .NET Assemblies with WCF Services
Creating BCS Applications for Sharepoint Foundation with Visual Studio
Migrating Declarative Models to Visual Studio Solutions

Workflow Basics

Sharepoint Designer Site Workflows
Sharepoint Designer Reusable
Deploying Declarative Workflows with Web Solution Packages
Importing Reusable Workflows into Visual Studio
Building Custom Workflow with Visual Studio

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