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Oracle ADF Training Course

Oracle ADF - Simplify Your JavaEE Application Development With Built In Infrastructure Services and Visual Experience

18 Feb London
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Oracle ADF training course (code: ARACADF)


Our  ADF training course provides an overview of technologies part of standard Oracle java development stack, and intensive hands-on experience in development and implementation of scalable distributed applications using JSF (Rich ADF Faces) and ADF Business Components. This course has been developed for real-world systems, focusing on ADF Software Design best practices,  covering common ADF caveats one should avoid.  The course can be delivered for either 11g or 12c versions of ADF.


Experienced Java programmers who require the skills to develop enterprise applications.



             ADF BC Layer


Entity Objects, View Objects and Application Modules

Association concept

View link concept

Declarative validations.

Programmatic validations

ADF BC API  (create, doDML, remove, setters)

AM and VO Custom methods. Design guidelines.

View Criteria

List of Values

EO  caching

Distinction between querying and fetching. Query Tracing.


Web Layer


Task flows introduction: design principles

Fragments vs pages

Task flow navigation. Task flow communication

Task flow activities

Dialog Framework. Inline Popups

Reusable code: Declarative Components and ADF libraries

JSF Events and Listeners.

ADF Security

             Common design mistakes in ADF


              Exercises and Labs

1. Building JSF(Rich ADF Faces) components for web presentation, and integrating these into a fully working application.

2. Managing security and transactions in a full-blown application server environment.

3. Writing a business tier incorporating Business Components.

4. Leveraging the powerful set of ADF  Business Rules.
5. How to integrate existing PL SQL code.
6. Common mistakes in ADF that lead to performance degradation.

7. ADF validation life-cycle compared with Oracle Forms.



  • How to build a modern web presentation tier, exploiting the latest JSF(Rich ADF Faces)  components and integrating rich client techniques.
  • How to create ADF task flows for better control of user workflows.
  • How to build simpler and scalable Business Components
  • How to secure your application
  • How to reuse your existing PL SQL code.
  • Assess vanilla Oracle ADF versus popular framework alternatives.

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18th Feb 2019 - 5 days £1995

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