SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services Training Course

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SQL Server 2014 Reporting Services training course (code: SSRSEXT)

Retrieve Your Corporate Data With SQL Server Reporting Services - And Gain A Competitive Advantage!



This Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS training course gets delegates to grips with a key part of the Microsoft BI stack, The course covers the discovery and preparation of data, the modelling of the data, and the presentation of the data in insightful and attractive reports and dashboards.

We spend two days looking at Reporting Services (SSRS) and other visualisation tools such as Power BI – when you return to the office, you will easily be able to create wonderful and informative reports and dashboards.

All the work you do is saved and you can take it with you for future reference.


Developers and analysts who need to design and build reports. Administrators who wish to deploy and manage reports.



SSRS Fundamentals


SSRS overview

Reporting Services
Report Server
Report Designer
Report Builder
Report Manager


Designing reports – fundamentals

Report Wizard in SSDT-BI (aka BIDS/Visual Studio)
SQL relational reports
Tablixes (tables and matrixes)
Previewing reports
Deploying reports to Report Manager


Designing reports – further techniques

Formatting (including dates and currency)
Using expressions
Conditional formatting (and green-band reporting)
KPIs for SSRS 2008 and earlier (optional)
KPIs for SSRS 2014/2012/2008 R2 (and data bars)
Grouping and drilldown
Grand totals, subtotals, and running totals
Interactive sorting
Charts and gauges
Parameterized SQL reports
Exporting reports to Excel or PDF
Report templates with global parameters


Multiple reports

Drilldown versus drillthrough
Jump reports
Linked reports



Reporting Services Configuration Manager
Report caching
Report snapshots
Report subscriptions (emailing reports)
Security overview


SSRS with SSAS Business Intelligence - 1 day (Optional)


SSRS with BI overview

SQL relational reports (5-minute revision of day 1 topic)
MDX multidimensional cube reports
DAX tabular model reports
DMX data mining reports (overview)


Parameterized SSRS reports with BI

Parameterized SQL reports with stored procedures
Parameterized MDX reports
Parameterized DAX reports
Parameterized DMX reports (overview)
Date parameters and calendar controls with SQL reports
Date parameters and calendar controls with MDX reports


Common business solutions

Hand-rolling MDX reports
Hand-rolling DAX reports
MDX queries on multidimensional cubes and tabular models
DAX queries on multidimensional cubes and tabular models (also DAX queries in Excel 2013)
MDX expressions
DAX expressions
Period-on-period changes (in both MDX and DAX reports)
Period-to-date totals (in both MDX and DAX reports)
Percentage of grand total (in both MDX and DAX reports)
Percentage of parent total (in both MDX and DAX reports)
Moving averages (in both MDX and DAX reports)
Dynamic up-to-today reports (in both MDX and DAX reports)


SSRS with Sharepoint and Power BI - 1 day (optional)


SSRS alternatives to Report Manager


SSRS SharePoint 2013/2010 integration
Deploying reports to SharePoint 2013/2010
SSRS Report Viewer and creating a customized web site
SSRS Report Viewer and creating a C# or VB.NET Winform application
SSRS Power View in Excel 2013
SSRS Power View in SharePoint 2013


Alternative visualizations to SSRS

Power Pivot in Excel 2013/2010
SSRS into Power Pivot
Power Pivot into SSRS
Excel pivot tables on Power Pivot tabular models
Excel pivot tables on SSAS tabular models
Excel pivot tables on SSAS multidimensional cubes
Power Pivot gallery in SharePoint
Power Map (overview)
Power Query (overview)
PowerPoint slide shows with Power View reports (overview)
PerformancePoint dashboard reports (embedded SSRS reports and Excel pivot tables)


  • Create BI Reports
  • Deploy BI Reports
  • Manage BI Reports
  • Maximize powerful, integrated SSRS capabilities
  • Optional days - SSRS more broadly and in more depth.
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