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AngularJS 1 Training Course

24 Sep London
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AngularJS 1 training course (code: ANGJS)

Learn To Develop Engaging, Single Page Web Applications With AngularJS 1



Our Angular 1 training course gives delegates a focused hands-on experience in which they can explore and build single page HTML5 apps using Google's exciting clientside MVC framework AngularJS. This is a practical course aimed at developing real world skills. The course can also covers an extended section on server-side JavaScript with NodeJS and also allows time to cement your skills by building a content driven website against a live RESTful API.


Web and IT professionals who know Javascript and wish to progress and take advantage of the latest libraries.


JavaScript Concepts

  • Scope
  • Closure
  • Object Orientation

Angular 1 Basics

  • Conceptual overview
  • Angular Philosophy
  • Architecture
  • MVC
  • Dependency Injection
  • Models
  • Controllers
  • $scope
  • Templates
  • The Digest cycle


  • ng-repeat
  • filters
  • Built in Directives
  • Data binding
  • Custom directives
  • Data Binding
  • Two way binding
  • Layout Templates
  • Inversion of control (don't select, direct)
  • Forms

Manipulating forms and inputs in the controller

  • Binding to input fields
  • text
  • date
  • radio
  • checkbox
  • select
  • Toggling form control state with ng-show and ng-disabled
  • HTML5 attributes: required, min, max, pattern
  • Harnessing $error, $dirty, and $invalid in expressions
  • Styling with Angular CSS classes: ng-valid, ng-invalid, ng-pristine, ng-dirty
  • Controllers


  • inheritance of $scope
  • $digest and $apply



  • Simple models
  • JSON models
  • $scope and $scope inheritance


  • ng-include
  • $http
  • Directive templates
  • JSON
  • Application architecture


  • Services for network access
  • Services for long lived data
  • Services that return a promise
  • Writing custom services
  • Factories
  • Values
  • Constants


  • Creating a simple directive
  • What are directives
  • Templates
  • External templates
  • Compile and Link
  • Isolate scopes
  • Transclusion


  • A component oriented architecture
  • Controller as
  • Bind to controller
  • Isolate $scope
  • Component Input / Output
  • Building a highly scalable application through modularity
  • Angular 1.5 component syntax

Modules and Modularity

  • JavaScript Module Packers (Browserify / Webpack / SystemJS)
  • Angular Modules
  • Splitting code across multiple files
  • ES6

Angular 2

  • Angular 2 upgrade path
  • Writing future proof Angular


  • ngRoute
  • uiRouter
  • $routeProvider
  • Configuration
  • Hashbang routes
  • Passing parameters
  • PushState
  • Angular SEO


  • Unit testing with Karma and Jasmine
  • End to end testing with Protractor

Animation (optional)

  • ngAnimate module
  • CSS3 Transitions
  • CSS3 keyframe animation

CRUD (optional)

  • Build a real content based app against an API

Optional Further Angular topics

  • JavaScript topics - functional scope, closure and prototypical inheritance
  • NodeJS, Express and Mongo back end stack
  • Mongo as a service with Firebase or Parse
  • SEO with Angular Apps
  • Mobile app development with Phonegap
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Angular Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Concepts
  • Basics
  • Templating
  • Forms
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • AJAX
  • Routing
  • NodeJS
  • Related Technologies
  • Testing
  • Animation
  • Developing custom components
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