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4 Nov London
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UX training course (code: UX)


Our UX training course will introduce you to the full UX design process, from research to prototyping, and design products that users will actually use. This is a practical course that allows you to have a go at all the elements of UX design and come away with your own prototype.


For people who want to learn how to create products that users want. Suitable for developers, marketers, project and product managers who want to better understand UX and get involved with the design process. You don’t need to have done design work before and you don’t even have to be able to draw! 



Intro to UX

Introducing course contents
Defining different UX terms
Where UX fits in the development process (business roles, product management etc)
Examples of projects

Exercise: defining business goals and user goals on real-world websites

User research

Different forms of research
Interviewing users and how to ask good questions
How to get to a problem
Options for gathering quant data on users
How to pull together research & personas

Exercise: interviewing each other
Exercise: creating personas

User flows & information architecture

The three aspects of information architecture
Importance of thinking in flows
How to create a user flow
Demo-ing creating a user flow for a well-known app

Exercise: card sort
Exercise: creating user flows for a product based on Day 1’s research

Sketching interfaces & wireframing

What UX artefacts look like
The user of sketching in creativity
How to create wireframes

Exercise: rapid sketching
Exercise: creating your own set of wireframes

Usability & prototyping

Introduction to usability principles
Creating good usability in forms
How to create rapid prototypes
Tools and resources

Exercise: critiquing real website usability
Exercise: create your own quick prototype with free online tools

User testing & presentation

Principles of user testing
Tools for user testing

Exercise: run user tests on your own prototype
Exercise: present your prototype to the group

  • Intro to UX
  • User research
  • User flows & information architecture
  • Sketching interfaces & wireframing
  • Usability & prototyping
  • User testing & presentation

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4th Nov 2019 - 3 days £1500

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