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ASP.NET Web Development training course

Create Robust ASP.NET Web Applications With Visual Studio 2015 And Explore New Features Designed To Increase Developer Productivity

JBI training course London UK

"Our tailored course provided a well rounded introduction and also covered some intermediate level topics that we needed to know. Clive gave us some best practice ideas and tips to take away. Fast paced but the instructor never lost any of the delegates"

Brian Leek, Data Analyst, May 2022

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JBI training course London UK

  • Understand the .NET Framework and the CLR
  • Use Visual Studio 2015 effectively
  • Learn C# or VB.NET
  • Create commercial ASP.NET Web Applications
  • Understand OO Programming, Classes, and Objects
  • Debug Applications
  • Develop user interfaces using Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC
  • Use Entity Framework to read from and write to Databases
  • Use Identity
  • Develop Rich Internet Applications using jQuery and Web API



.NET Framework and Visual Studio 2015
Creating .NET Solutions and Projects
Role of the Common Language Runtime
.NET Framework APIs for creating Applications
Discussion of alternative APIs for creating Applications with the .NET Framework (Windows/Web/Database)
Visual Studio 2013 tools
Lab: Create simple Project and use of Visual Studio Features


Introduction to C#/VB.NET
.NET Framework Class Library
Value and Reference types
Standard Types
Labs: Provide Input and Output functionality for common types; Create Methods to partition functionality

Flow of Control

Loop Constructs (for, while, do/while)
Conditional Code (if, switch/Select Case)
Lab: Add flow of control statements to conditionally execute code

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Structures and Classes
Class Diagrams/Class Details
Inheritance and Polymorphism
Lab: Create Classes to provide templates for types; Implement Polymorphism

Role of Generics in .NET
Type Safety
Generics and Generic Collections
Lab: Use generic collection to store objects


Introduction to Interfaces
Creating an Interface
Implementing an Interface
Standard Interfaces
Lab: Use interfaces in to work with Generic Collections

Error Handling

Creating Robust Applications
Exception Handling
Lab: Add exception handling

Web Presentation Layer

This section considers the basics of creating a Web Application using both the traditional Web Forms approach and the newer MVC approach.  Mix and match features.
Introduction to ASP.NET Applications
Web Forms and HTML & Server controls
Using MVC Controllers and Actions
Routing and Navigation
Lab: Create a ASP.NET Application to allow user input and presentation of data

User Interface Development

The role of the View Engine for MVC
Creating Common Look for Web Application
Layout and Master Pages
Lab: Apply Layout and Master Pages


Configuration Files
Developer Settings
Administration Tools
Lab: Explore Configuration files


Working with Identity
Users and Roles
State Management
Lab: Use State and Identity within a Web Application

Error Handling

Error handling at page and application level
Create Custom Error Page
Labs: Add custom error page

Accessing Databases (ADO.NET & LINQ)

Creating a Data Access Layer
Lab: Access data from a database
Lambda Expressions
Extension Methods
Anonymous Types
Simplified Querying and Manipulation of Data with Language Integrated Query LINQ
Discussion of how the use of these new features allows alternative ways of writing some programs.
Entity Framework options (Database, Model or Code First)
Labs: Manipulate data using LINQ; Access data using an Entity Data Model

Data Binding

Explore options for Data Sources
Data Controls (Web Forms)
Displaying data within Views (MVC)
Lab: Binding Data Controls to Data Source or Display data within Views

AJAX/jQuery and Web API

Use AJAX/jQuery to provide a responsive user interface
Provide Partial Page Update
Create Web API service to provide data
Obtain data using Web API
Lab: Implement Web API Service to provide data


Consideration of alternative ways in which Applications can be deployed
Copying Web Sites
Publish (publish to IIS or Azure!)
Lab: Publish Web Application

JBI training course London UK

Developers who are new to .NET or have only used .NET for Windows development, who wish to develop ASP.NET applications using C# , VB.NET, AJAX, and LINQ.

4.8 out of 5 average

"Our tailored course provided a well rounded introduction and also covered some intermediate level topics that we needed to know. Clive gave us some best practice ideas and tips to take away. Fast paced but the instructor never lost any of the delegates"

Brian Leek, Data Analyst, May 2022

JBI training course London UK
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