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Gain Commercial Skills To Document Your Organisation's Business Processes

16 Sep London
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UML & BPMN training course (code: BPMNUML)


Our BPMN and UML training course is aimed at Business Analysts and System Analysts who want to model business processes either for the purposes of business process reengineering or as a context model to be used for the definition of computer system requirements. It provides an indepth technical study of Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN), which is the new OMG business modelling standard and is used with UML in software development to ensure that systems align with business requirements.


Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Business Process Engineers, System Analysts, Anyone who is involved in analysing and producing a model of business processes and functional specifications.



Course Detail





Course Structure

Business Process Modelling Notation

Unified Modelling Language

Use Cases

Object Orientation

BPMN and UML in the context of requirements elicitation and specification


Modelling Business Processes


Scoping Business Processes using Use Cases

Identifying Business Workers and External Entities

Essential BPMN concepts and notation

Processes and Sub-Processes

Modelling Business Events and Outcomes

Modelling Business Workers and their Roles

The Business Modelling Process

Business Process Modelling Workshop using case studies and your own applications


Modelling Business Entities


Basic concepts of Object-Orientation applied to the Business Domain.

UML Class Diagrams

The Business Domain Model

Business Domain Modelling Workshop using case studies and your own applications


Specifying Business Requirements


Classifying Requirements: User, Non-Functional, Regulatory etc.

Structuring Requirements Documentation

Stakeholders and Users


Defining System Use Cases


Essential concepts of Use Cases

Techniques for specifying detailed Functional Requirements using Use Cases

Templates for Use Case Specifications

Use Case Specification Workshop using case studies and your own applications


Mapping into System Requirements


Business Process Models versus System Use Cases

Mapping Actors and Use Cases

Mapping Business Events and Process

Mapping Business Workers

Mapping the Business Entity Model

Creating and Mapping 'Automated' Workers and Processes

Mapping Workshop


  •  Modelling the Business
  •  Business Process Modelling using BPMN
  •  Modelling Business Information
  •  Specifying Business Requirements
  •  Specifying Functional Requirements using System Use Cases
  •  Mapping Business Processes to System Use Cases

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16th Sep 2019 - 3 days £1800

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