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Windows Presentation Foundation training course

Create Robust Front Ends With Visual Studio 2015 WPF - Improve UI Functionality and Improve Developer Productivity

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Windows Presentation Foundation Fundamentals
  • Build WPF User Interface and learn WPF architecture
  • Learn DataBinding, principles and elements 
  • Validation and use Validation options 
  • Define Behaviours
  • Learn Drawing with Shapes, Geometry and Paths
  • Work with Model View ViewModel (MVVM)
  • Use Asynchronous Programming and Threading


Our Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) training course is expert-led focusing on developing Windows desktop applications using Visual Studio.  The XAML (declarative language) is introduced to define a rich User Interface.  We introduce Data Binding which then leads into the Model View View-Model (MVVM) architecture with the benefit of separation of concerns and ease of testing.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers who need to realise the full potential of WPF within their .NET projects.


4.8 out of 5 average

"Presenter was very accommodating, covering content to suit our group and progressing at a good pace for the group. Very useful labs, especially binding options."

RS, Application Engineer, WPF, January 2021

JBI training course London UK

WPF Fundamentals

  • WPF Overview
  • WPF architecture
  • Essential WPF concepts:
  •     Logical and Visual Tree
  •     Dependency Properties
  •     Delegates
  •     Routed Events
  •     Commands
  •     Class Hierarchy

XAML Basics

  • XAML allows the declarative definition of a user interface. Defining a view as XAML and binding data provides the separation of view from conventional code:
  •     Elements
  •     Namespaces
  •     Dependency Properties
  •     Type Converters
  •     Markup Extensions
  •     Resources
  • Lab: Create WPF Application; Explore XAML and Project structure

Building WPF User Interface

  • Standard Controls
  • Panels and Control Positioning
  • Layout/Panels
  • Attached Properties
  • Windows and User Controls
  • Control Templates
  • Styles, Templates, Themes & Skins
  • Documents & Text

Lab: Experiment with User Interface; Use standard controls, properties, styles and templates

DataBinding and Validation

  • DataBinding is a very important aspect of WPF as this feature allows the separation of View from the data being presented.  WPF provides a very flexible means of binding also providing an alternative to the use of events:
  •     Data Binding Principles
  •     Element Binding
  •     Binding to objects and collections
  •     Data Providers
  •     Data Templates
  •     Validation options
  • Lab: Explore binding options; Bind data to controls within ‘view’


  • Behaviours provide a means of separating common UI functionality from the basic view code:
  •     Behaviours and Blend
  •     Standard Behaviours
  •     Defining Behaviours
  • Lab: Define a Behaviour and apply to controls


  • Shapes
  • Geometry
  • Paths
  • Lab: Add drawing elements to enhance user interface

Model View ViewModel (MVVM)

  • The MVVM approach provides a key approach to separate functionality within a WPF Application. Applying MVVM relies on a number of features of WPF:
  •     MVVM Principles
  •     Commands
  •     ICommand, INotifyPropertyChanged
  •     Dependency Injection
  • Lab: Apply the MVVM approach to separate concerns

Asynchronous Programming and Threading

  • Using Asynchronous programming or multiple threads within a Windows Application involves a number of important concepts and features:
  •     Threading Principles
  •     Delegates and Threads
  •     Asynchronous Programming
  •     Task Asynchronous Pattern
  •     Synchronization Issues
  •     Background Worker
  •     Dispatcher
  • Lab: Create background thread and update UI from this thread
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