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28 Oct London
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C++ Introduction training course (code: C++)


Our C++ training course will introduce you to a key programming language used across a wide range of industries for many application types.  Noted for its performance, it can be used for embedded application, server side process as well as GUI applications. 

Recent changes to the language in new standards have improved the languages safety and performance further. 

New and improved C++ Library features have improved functionality and helped reduce development effort.

The JBI approach is to move quickly from the basics of the language to features which allow safer usage of pointers, namely, smart pointer.  Various alternative styles of programming are possible with C++, such as, object oriented, generic and functional. 

We show how C++ allows these different styles of programming.


Experienced Software Developers who are completely new to C++ programming or those with elementary skills in C++, who need to gain hands-on experience of developing commercial applications.



Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

Data abstraction

C++ Fundamentals

Use of cin and cout
Declaring variables

Lab: Create simple application providing input/ouput

Introduction to Functions

Defining functions
Passing by value
Passing by reference

Lab: Separate functionality into separate functions

Iteration and Flow of Control

Relational operators
for and while loops
do-while loop
Conditional expression
Switch statement

Lab: Add flow of control statements to provide user options


Declaring arrays
Accessing arrays
Multi-Dimensioned arrays

Lab: Extent application to store data

Data Structure

Defining a structure
Accessing structure members

Lab: Store data within structures

Functions Revisited

Function overloading

Default arguments
Lab: Add function overloads

Pointers and Dynamic Memory

Overview of use of Pointers

Declaring pointers

Use of new and delete
Smart Pointers (new C++11 features)
Exception handling

Labs: Experiment with the use of pointers


Defining a class
Inline functions

New C++11 class features

Lab: Revise application to use classes and encapsulation

Inheritance - Polymorphism

Virtual functions
Pure virtual functions
Abstract classes

Lab: Enhance application to use inheritance and polymorphism

Introduction to Templates and Namespaces

Defining a namespace
Templates provide the basis for Generic Programming

Template functions
Template classes

Labs: Incorporate the use of a namespace; Experiment with the use of templates

Introduction to Operators

Defining operators
Unary and binary operators
Type conversion operators

Lab: Investigate the use of operators

Introduction to Streams

Formatted output
Input and error handling
File input and output

Lab: Add operator for output

Introduction to Standard Library

Containers and Container Adapters

Iterators and Iterator Adapters


Function Objects (Functors)

Labs: Store data within container; Experiment with use of algorithms and functors

New C++11 Features

Lambda Functions

Lambda Functions vs Functors

Lab: Use Lambda Function as alternative to Functor

Overview of C++14 Features


  • Principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • Imperative Programming Features
  • Use of Functions
  • Use of Flow of Control
  • Understand Memory Management
  • Pointers and Smart Pointers
  • Data Structures  and Classes
  • How to implement Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Use of Templates for Generic Programming
  • Understand use  of Operators
  • Understand use of Streams
  • Introduction to Standard Library
  • New C++11 Features
  • Overview of C++14 Features

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28th Oct 2019 - 4 days £1995

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