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Dashboard Design & Story Telling training course

Whether you are using Power BI, Tableau or any other data visualisation software, to provide key information to stakeholders, this Dashboard design & Story Telling training course will teach best practice and good dashboard design principles and will give your team the ability to evaluate user needs and levels of understanding to make informed decisions about chart selections and make the most effective use of interactive dynamic data.

JBI training course London UK

"I recently completed the Dashboard Design and Storytelling Training Course with JBI, and it was a game-changer for me. The instructor's expertise and the hands-on exercises helped me grasp the principles of effective storytelling and create visually compelling dashboards. The interactive nature of the course made learning enjoyable, and I'm already applying these skills in my work. Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to elevate their data visualization game!"

- Sarah Thompson, Data Analyst

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JBI training course London UK


  • Craft compelling narratives with data.
  • Learn to engage and inform through storytelling.
  • Transform raw data into meaningful stories.
  • Communicate data insights effectively.

            Dashboard Design:

  • Master the principles of effective dashboard design.
  • Create visually appealing and user-friendly dashboards.
  • Understand data visualization best practices.
  • Enhance decision-making with well-designed dashboards.
  • Hands-on experience designing practical and effective dashboards.
  • Understand the principles of intuitive and user-friendly design 

              Interactive Dashboard Elements:

  • Incorporate interactive elements for user engagement.
  • Explore the art of dynamic and responsive dashboards.
  • Data-driven Decision Making
  • Translate data into actionable insights.
  • Empower decision-makers with clear and concise visualizations.
  • Real-world Case Studies:
  • Apply your skills to real-world scenarios.
  • Gain insights from successful dashboard implementations

Introduction to Dashboard Design:

  • Introducing design & story telling course contents 
  • Defining different UI/UX terms in design 
  • Where UX fits into the development process
  • Key roles in Dashboard design 
  • The ‘5 planes’ of UX (strategy, scope, structure, skeleton & surface)

Introduction to Effective Storytelling:

  • Understand the power of storytelling in data presentation.
  • Learn techniques to make your data come alive and resonate.

Foundations of Data Visualization:

  • Explore the fundamentals of impactful data visualization.
  • Master the use of charts, graphs, and other visual elements.

Practical Dashboard Design Principles:

  • Dive into the principles of designing user-friendly dashboards.
  • Apply best practices for clarity and accessibility.

Interactive Dashboard Elements:

  • Implement interactive features for engaging dashboards.
  • Make your data narratives dynamic and user-driven.


Case Studies and Real-world Applications:

  • Analyze real-world examples of successful dashboard implementations.
  • Gain insights into common challenges and their solutions.

Hands-on Exercises and Workshops:

  • Participate in practical exercises to reinforce learning.
  • Apply concepts learned in a guided workshop environment.

Data-Driven Decision-Making Techniques:

  • Translate data into actionable insights.
  • Equip decision-makers with the information they need.

Feedback Session for Continuous Improvement

  • Receive constructive feedback on your dashboard designs.
  • Refine your skills through collaborative evaluation.

Complimentary 1-hour Session:

  • Experience a sneak peek with a free introductory session.
  • Interact with the instructor and get a feel for the course content



Designing for the human brain

  • Using colours to add emphasis and meaning.
  • Design and layout principles, and creating hierarchies of information.
  • The principle of ‘self-sufficiency’, and removing clutter.

Navigation and narrative

  • Tailoring visualisations for different types of communications.
  • Structuring presentations and longer reports.
  • Thinking in layers to create interactive dashboards.

Data with a purpose

  • Understanding the different types of dashboard.
  • Information overload and other common dashboard pitfalls.
  • Assessing user needs and levels of data fluency.

Planning a dashboard

  • Assessing diverse user needs and levels of data fluency.
  • Taking a User Experience (UX) approach to design and navigation.
  • Applying an interative and collaborative approach to onboarding.

Using interactivity

  • Making effective use of filters to slice and dice data sets.
  • Using layers of information to enable drilldown data exploration.
  • Complenting dashboards with automated alerts and queries.


JBI training course London UK

This course is for anybody who works with data, and needs to communicate the meaning that's in the numbers to colleagues, customers, bosses or external stakeholders..

The Dashboard Design and Storytelling Training Course is ideal for:

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Visualization Experts
  • Decision Makers
  • Anyone looking to enhance their dashboard design and storytelling skills