Power BI - Power Query & M training course

Use Advanced functionality in Power Query to import files, cleanse data, create functions in M Language

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JBI training course London UK

  • Acquire skill in Advanced Power Query to merge, create and append queries
  • Understand how to administer security, tenants and permission
  • Use M language and explore M functions to create a table with M coding  
  • Learn to Parametrize data source to define parameters that you can use in various ways when working with your data
  • Utilise Power BI Administration to Schedule Data, Refresh Data, licencing and to learn Gateways
  • Explore advanced functionality in PowerQuery to import files, cleanse data & create functions in M Language
  • Acquire knowledge on how to implement and apply security 


Our Power BI (Beyond the Basics) training course for Microsoft Power BI is aimed at Power BI users who are looking to get even more out of this popular tool.

We will show you how to use Power Bi beyond the stage: learn how to administer security, tenants, permission. Use Advanced functionality in PowerQuery to import files, cleanse data & create functions in M Language.

A number of optional topics exist which can be requested for private courses, depending on your organisations business requirements.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Data Scientists and Staff who already use Power BI or who have attended our introduction course and who need to explore its features in more depth. Developers and Super Users/ Power Users looking to get more out of Power BI.

Learn to build Dashboards like this mixing and matching different data sources and filter access through dynamic security - Typically used for CFO Dashboards, Revenue & Profitability, Expense Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Sales, Stock Control, Risk & Compliance Analysis...



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Advanced Power Query

  • Merge and Append queries
  • Create a blank Query
  • Create a custom table
  • Enter data manually
  • Create a table using M coding
  • Conditional column
  • Multi-condition column
  • Columns from example

M Language

  • The M Syntax
  • M language reference table
  • M Query Basics
  • Variables and Parameters
  • Parametrize data source
  • Create M Query Functions
  • Invoke functions
  • Automate import using M function
  • Create date table using M

Power BI Administration

  • Data Refresh When, Who, What
  • Gateway : overview, installation, when needed
  • Which connection require a Gateway and which do not
  • Scheduling Data Refresh
  • Data refresh and licencing
  • Gateway: personal mode and Enterprise mode
  • Gateway: prerequisites
  • Gateway installation
  • Gateway Configuration
  • Gateway and direct query
  • What Gateway do
  • Security
  • Data at rest
  • Data in Use
  • Data in Transit
  • Security Users access


  • Implementing Row Level Security
  • Implementing Dynamic Security
  • Administration portal
  • Usage metrics
  • Users administration
  • Tenant settings
  • Embedded code
  • Manage custom visuals
  • Global administrator
  • Manage user licence
  • Manage Group and workspaces
  • Audit log
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