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Gitlab CI- Pipelines CI/CD training course

This course will teach you how to use Gitlab CI for your own projects. You will learn the basics of CI/CD and start building pipelines from the first principles. By the end of this course, you will have extended your understanding of how GitLab continuous integration works how it can help produce code faster and with fewer bugs

JBI training course London UK

"I really liked how the lab work was integrated throughout the course"  

JS, Software Developer, May 22

JBI training course London UK

  • GitLab Overview and Flow
  • Architecture and Runners
  • Anatomy of a Pipeline
  • Git - Variable Precedence & Scoping
  • Artifacts and Dependencies
  • Registry & Deployments

Module 1: GitLab Overview and Flow

What is GitLab
Today's Software Delivery Landscape
GitLab Workflow and Example
What is CI/CD
GitLab's CI/CD Workflow
Why Use CI/CD

Module 2: Architecture and Runners

GitLab CI/CD Basic Flow
Configuration File and Runners
Runner Architecture
Runner Characteristics and Types
Advanced Runner Options
Common Executors

Module 3: Anatomy of a Pipeline

Anatomy of a CI/CD Pipeline
Basic Pipeline Builds
Directed Acyclic Graph Pipelines
Child and Parent Pipelines
GitLab Pipeline Graph
.gitlab-ci.yml Example
Basic Parameters: Definitions and Examples

Module 4: Git - Variable Precedence & Scoping

Create a CI/CD Pipeline
Define a Pipeline with Environments
Variable Hierarchy

Module 5: Artifacts and Dependencies

Artifact Hierarchy

Module 6 - Registry & Deployments

What are Package and Container Registries?
GitLab Docker Registry

JBI training course London UK

This course is for developers and system administrators who want to really understand Git. Whether you just started using Git, or you've been using it every day for months - this course will ensure you have a mastery of the basics

4.8 out of 5 average

"I really liked how the lab work was integrated throughout the course"  

JS, Software Developer, May 22

“JBI  did a great job of customizing their syllabus to suit our business  needs and also bringing our team up to speed on the current best practices. Our teams varied widely in terms of experience and  the Instructor handled this particularly well - very impressive”

Brian F, Team Lead, RBS, Data Analysis Course, 20 April 2022



JBI training course London UK
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