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World Class Rated "Python Training" Course - A comprehensive introduction to Python - a simple and popular language widely used for rapid application development, testing and data analytics. Unleash the full potential of Python with our comprehensive Python Training. From fundamental syntax to advanced techniques, this (Python Training) Course empowers you with the skills needed for versatile programming.

JBI training course London UK

"Our tailored course provided a well-rounded introduction and also covered some intermediate-level topics that we needed to know. Clive gave us some best practice ideas and tips to take away. Fast-paced but the instructor never lost any of the delegates."

Brian Leek, Data Analyst, May 2022

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JBI training course London UK

Python Training: 

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  • Python History & "Python Training" content overview 
  • Gain an introduction to Python from its origins 
  • Learn about Python techniques and features 
  • Apply Basic Data types to integers, floating points, and strings
  • Learn how to use Python aggregated types to manage large data sets
  • Gain an understanding of Flow Control for code layout and clarity
  • Discover how to make decisions with the IF statement 
  • Use Python functions for parameters and variables 
  • Acquire knowledge of functional programming          
  • Modularise code to write and use larger Python programs
  • Master how to improve your code robustness by handling exceptions    
  • Take advantage of file handling to manipulate text and binary files 
  • Implement Agile and test-driven development methods to write clean and readable Python code                      
  • Apply powerful text processing with regular expressions            
  • Gain an overview of Object-Oriented Programming with classes
  • Acquire knowledge of classes to help with dynamic typing and code re-usability
  • Python Training and course by top level Python experts 

"Python is the new Excel - essential skills for Banking & Data Analysis"

Python Training & Features

  •     Ease and economy of development
  •     Scalability
  •     Extensibility
  •     Adoption by major users
  • Intro to Python core concept in initial Training session 

Introduction to Python

  •     Python history
  •     Interactive and scripted execution
  •     Dynamic typing examples and uses

Basic Data Types         

  •     Arithmetic on integers and longs
  •     Overflow-free arithmetic
  •     Using floating point for fractional values
  •     Using Decimal for precise decimal calculations
  •     Strings: indexing, slicing and formatting

Python aggregated types

  •     Lists and tuples: accessing information by position
  •     Modifying and appending to lists by index or slice
  •     Operations on lists: comparison and sorting
  •     List comprehensions for more compact code
  •     Managing large data sets with generators

Python Training for Flow Control    

  •     Making decisions with the if statement
  •     Python code layout and clarity
  •     Iterating with the for and while constructs
  •     Writing your own iterators and generators


Python Functions Training

  •     Parameters: positional, named and, default arguments
  •     Variable-length argument lists
  •     Functional programming: functions as arguments and return values
  •     Using lambda functions to simplify code

Larger Programs and Modularisation

  •     Writing Python modules to modularise code
  •     Using the import statement to use Python modules
  •     Customising the import search path
  •     Grouping modules into packages

Improving code robustness by handling exceptions 

  •     The importance of avoiding unhandled errors
  •     Using the try/except/else and finally construct
  •     Raising exceptions
  •     Using custom exceptions for a better user experience

File handling    

  •     Opening files for read and/or write
  •     Managing file handles correctly
  •     Reading and writing text and binary files
  •     Performing random access
  • Python Training & Course review 

Agile and Test Driven development   

  •     Improving code quality and delivery with unit testing
  •     Th Python unit testing libraries
  •     Using unittest, PyTest, Doctest
  •     Using umbrella test classes to integrate different testing approaches

Powerful text processing with regular expressions in Python: ( Python Training ) 

  •     Expressing powerful abstract text patterns with metacharacters
  •     Using capturing to extract patterns from text
  •     Substituting text patterns with fixed or dynamic replacement patterns

Object oriented programming with classes    

  •     Understanding the power of OOP using abstract data types
  •     Defining abstract data types using classes
  •     Writing class member and static functions
  •     Understanding the class and object structure
  •     Exploiting Python’s dynamic class and object behaviour

More on classes in Python Training     

  •     Using inheritance for code reusability
  •     Further enhancing reusability through polymorphism
  •     Using Python dynamic typing to change types at run time
  • More on Python Training Course

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JBI training course London UK

Who Can Benefit From Taking This Python Training Course?

Whether you're a total beginner looking to learn your first programming language, or an experienced coder trying to expand your skills, Python is versatile enough to help. This includes Quants, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Mathematicians, System Testers and Shell Scripters.

With Python's usefulness for data science, ML, web apps, and more, our course can get you up to speed or enhance your abilities, no matter your industry. Python Training & courses can benefit your team and your business. 

5 star

4.8 out of 5 average

"Our tailored course provided a well-rounded introduction and also covered some intermediate-level topics that we needed to know. Clive gave us some best practice ideas and tips to take away. Fast-paced but the instructor never lost any of the delegates."

Brian Leek, Data Analyst, May 2022

JBI training course London UK



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                                                    Python Training & Course 


Comprehensive Python Training & Course for Beginners Course in London, UK

This Python Training Course in London provides comprehensive "Python training" for those looking to learn Python from the ground up. Taught by expert instructors, the Python Training course covers core Python concepts like variables, data structures, functions, OOP, and more through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises. Whether you're a complete coding newbie or looking to switch careers into Python development, this Python training course will give you a strong Python foundation.

Learn Python Programming Language From Scratch With Our Comprehensive Training

Python is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages today. Its versatility, easy syntax, and huge community make it a great choice for beginners looking to learn their first language.

Our comprehensive learning "Python Training" program is designed specifically for complete beginners who have never coded before. We will take you from zero to hero and teach you Python from the ground up. No prior experience is required! The curriculum covers core programming concepts like variables, data types, functions, loops, conditional logic, OOP, and more. Each topic is explained in depth along with real code examples and hands-on exercises. Challenging projects let you apply what you’ve learned in practical ways.

With the guidance of expert instructors, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to start coding in Python. Our structured learning path ensures you build a strong foundation before moving on. By the end, you’ll have developed relevant skills for Python jobs or projects.

Become a Proficient Python Programmer with Practical Training

Take your Python skills to the next level with this practical Python Programming course. You'll gain proficiency in Python by working through real-world examples and challenges that reflect scenarios you'll encounter in the field. With guidance from seasoned Python developers, you'll implement concepts covered in lectures by building functional programs and applications. By the end, you'll have the practical Python expertise needed for both work and personal projects.

Python Education Course Designed for Tech Industry Needs

Learn Python with a curriculum tailored to today's tech needs like data science, machine learning, and web development. The up-to-date training covers Python libraries and tools used across the tech industry. With guidance from professional Python developers, you'll gain relevant knowledge and project experience aligned with industry requirements.

Experience Master Python For Data Science, Web Development & More

Python's versatility makes it one of the most attractive languages to learn today. You can use Python for everything from data science and AI to building websites. By mastering Python, you open doors to various high-paying careers.

In our project-based training, you'll become adept at Python programming techniques needed for data science, including data collecting/cleaning, statistical modeling, machine learning, and visualisations. Real-world data science and analytics projects let you apply these skills.

For web development, you'll gain expertise in popular "Python" web frameworks like Django, Flask, and Pyramid. By building web apps and APIs, you'll learn best practices for Python-based backends and servers. The curriculum covers modern web technologies like REST APIs, web scraping, databases, and CMSs.

Finally, you'll be able to automate everyday tasks with Python. Our training and learning modules teaches you libraries like Selenium, Beautiful Soup, Pandas, NumPy, and more. Practice exercises and projects will help ingrain these skills.

With well-rounded mastery, you’ll be able to excel as a developer, data scientist, analyst, or engineer using Python.

Learn Python From Industry Experts With Real-World Projects

Our Python education is led by working professionals with years of coding and training experience. Learning from industry experts is the best way to prepare for real-world jobs and projects.

The courses are regularly updated with the latest Python tools, techniques, and best practices. You’ll gain the relevant knowledge needed to excel as a Python developer today. The instructors provide practical insights into using Python professionally that aren’t found in books or online tutorials.

Throughout the training, you’ll work on projects modeling common real-world scenarios. This allows you to apply Python to build systems, analyse data and automate tasks you’ll encounter on the job. Code reviews from instructors ensure you follow industry standards.

With professional training and learning tailored to real-world needs, you’ll confidently use Python for development, data science, machine learning engineering, and more. The knowledge learned from industry experts gives you a serious competitive advantage.

Learn to Build Python Applications from Experienced Developers

Taught by professional Python developers, this course teaches you how to build full-stack Python applications. You'll learn Python web frameworks like Django and Flask to create web apps and APIs. The curriculum also covers connecting Python code to databases and front-end frameworks. With hands-on projects, you'll gain practical experience building and deploying complete Python-based applications.

Advance Your Career with In-Depth Python Education

Take your Python skills to the next level and open doors to new career opportunities with this in-depth training. You'll gain the advanced Python knowledge needed for roles like machine learning engineer, data scientist, and backend developer. Through coding challenges and real-world projects, you'll learn best practices for using Python professionally. Expert instructors provide career guidance as well, with resume and LinkedIn profile reviews.

Fast-Track Your Python Learning with JB International

JB International's Python course is designed for rapid skill building so you can fast-track your learning. The hands-on training quickly advances your skills through intensive coding sessions focused on practical programming techniques. With personalised attention and feedback, you'll ramp up from beginner to intermediate Python coder in just weeks. The fast-paced course prepares you to apply your newfound Python skills on the job.


                                                                                                                                     ( Python Training ) ( Python Course ) 

What Can You Discover About Python in Our Course?

If you've got questions about python, don't worry, you're not alone. Whether you're new to programming or an enthusiast looking to level up your skills, figuring out where to begin with python can seem challenging. This is why our "Python training" is designed to answer all your questions. Yep, you read that right. Our Python course is more than just a series of lectures, it's a learning journey where you, along with other python aficionados, will get the chance to explore python's world-class features. From understanding basic data types to looking into python's aggregated types, from diving deeper into flow controls and functions to coding larger programs and modularisation, we've got it all. But there's more! Test driven development and agile methodology are also part of the deal, taking your python training to even greater heights. Lastly, our "Python course" also covers robust coding with exception handling and uncovers the potential of file handling, providing an all-round python learning experience that's simply unmatched.

What Are The Requirements for Learning Python

The key requirements for learning Python are having a computer with internet access, patience and persistence, and adequate time to practice coding. You'll need a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux) to install Python along with coding tools like text editors or IDEs for writing code. No prior coding experience is required, as Python is beginner-friendly. However, you should have the motivation to learn, as well as patience when faced with challenges or errors. Learning coding involves a lot of problem-solving! It's recommended to put around 8-10 hours per week into hands-on Python study and coding projects to progress at a good pace. With the right mindset and practice time, anyone can learn Python.

How Quickly Can Python Be Learned?

While you can learn basic Python syntax and constructs in a matter of weeks, becoming an expert in Python will take months of dedicated practice. In 20 days of consistent learning, it's feasible to gain elementary Python skills including variables, data types, functions, loops, and basic object-oriented programming. You could build simple scripts and programs. However, mastering Python skills for professional coding or advanced projects will require more extensive, (especially python for programmers) long-term practice in building larger applications. There are many deep nuances within learning Python libraries and frameworks that take time to understand. Be patient, code daily in Python, and continually expand your skills by taking on new challenges. While you can code basic Python in 20 days, treat learning Python as an ongoing journey.

What are some of the things I Wish I Knew When Starting Python?

When starting out and learning Python, there are some key things I wish I had known. First, Python has an incredibly helpful, active online community full of documentation and forums to aid troubleshooting. I wish I had leveraged those resources earlier when facing coding challenges. Second, I should have started using virtual environments from the beginning to avoid version conflicts between Python projects. Another thing is the importance of clean, well-organised code and comments - this makes code so much easier to maintain and upgrade. I also underestimated how vital daily hands-on coding practice is for retaining concepts and progressing. Finally, I wish I fully realised the many domains Python can be applied to like web development, data analysis, DevOps, Machine Learning, and so much more. Learning Python opens many doors!

More on ( Python Training & Course ): Questions About Why Python Programming Is Used. 


Python is Used for Its Simplicity, Versatility, and Large Community

Python is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages today due to its straightforward syntax, versatility across domains, and expansive community support.

Simple and Readable Syntax

Python has a very simple, easy-to-read syntax that is great for beginners. The code is designed to be readable and emphasises clarity, making it easy to learn. Python requires less lines of code than languages like Java, allowing developers to build programs faster.

Highly Versatile For Many Applications For Python Programming 

A major advantage of Python is its versatility across many domains. It can be used for web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, automation, statistics, scientific computing and much more. Python's extensive libraries support a wide range of capabilities.

Experience A Enormous Community of Users and Resources

As one of the most popular languages, Python has an enormous community of developers who have built many libraries and resources. This thriving ecosystem provides help for troubleshooting issues and allows sharing of knowledge. The large community adds to Python's appeal.

Python's Simplicity, Flexibility Across Domains and Community Make It a Widely Used Language


Python Training & Courses for teams, by jbi Training. 

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