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WebAssembly training course

Create web single page applications with .NET and without Javascript

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an introduction to WebAssembly
  • Explore Elements of WebAssembly
  • Instal the Required Dependencies
  • Create and Load a WebAssembly module
  • Interact with JavaScript and Debugging
  • Create an Application from Scratch
  • Understand Advanced WebAssembly modules
  • Create web single page applications with .NET and without Javascript


On our WebAssembly training course you will learn how this brand new technology represents a paradigm shift in web development.

This course will teach you how to leverage this technology to write high performance applications that run in the browser.

You'll be introduced to powerful WebAssembly concepts that will help you write lean and powerful web applications with native performance.  Learn WebAssembly begins by getting you acquainted with the evolution of web programming, the state of things today, and what can be done with the advent and release of WebAssembly. You'll then take a look at the journey from JavaScript to asm.js to WebAssembly.

As you progress, you'll analyze the anatomy of a WebAssembly module and the relationship between binary and text formats, along with the corresponding JavaScript API.

C++ or another language will be used as a dafault language for Labs

WebAssembly has huge implications for the web platform. It gives us the possibility to run the code of multiple languages on the web, with Native Speed!

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Developers who want to leverage the power of a familiar language to build client-side interfaces with WebAssembly



4.8 out of 5 average

JBI training course London UK

WebAssembly Introduction

  • What is WebAssembly?
  • Why WebAssembly?
  • WebAssembly vs JavaScript Performance
  • Coding in multiple languages
  • Reusing code
  • How the compiler works
  • Steps to using WebAssembly:  Loading, compiling, and instantiating a module
  • Is WebAssembly secure?
  • Supported languages

Elements of WebAssembly

  • Introduction to WebAssembly Text Format
  • WAT and WASM
  • JavaScript API
  • Known sections and Custom sections

Installing the Required Dependencies

  • Installing Emscripten toolkit

Creating and Loading a WebAssembly module

  • Using the Emscripten toolkit
  • Compiling C or C++ with Emscripten
  • Creating a HTML template

Interacting with JavaScript and Debugging

  • Interop with JavaScript
  • Calling out to JavaScript
  • Calling module from JavaScript
  • Debugging

Creating an Application from Scratch

  • Designing an application
  • Server side requirements
  • Interacting with Server Services

Advanced WebAssembly modules

  • Integrating with Node.js
  • Threading options
  • Web workers vs pthreads
  • Using web workers
  • Using pthreads
  • Upcoming Features
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