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JBI training course London UK

“I liked these topics: The filters, Relative data Book marks, Cross filtering, Tool Tips.  The instructor was very patient, helpful, friendly and answered all questions" 
LI, Service Support officer, Power BI Intro, April 2021

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JBI training course London UK

  • Learn how to create visually compelling dashboards and reports
  • Understand how to import data from excel and other sources
  • Gain the knowledge to clean your data and prepare it for reporting
  • Learn how to explore and profile your data
  • learn the use of data flow
  • Create functional models by connecting your tables to interact in a report
  • Implement a consistent theme for reports using best practices
  • Create different visual types to enhance and interpret your data
  • Explore filters and interact with visuals
  • Create multi page reports and summarise the data in dashboards
  • Implement security on the reports and dashboards
  • Create calculated columns and measures in DAX language 
  • Use time intelligence data to track and compare data
  • Publish models to the cloud service
  • Explore Power BI mobile

In this Video, Clive gives an overview of how to sort fields in Power BI... The content is taken from our Microsoft Power BI Introduction training course

Power BI Introduction

  • Power BI - What is it and why use it?
  • Desktop vs Services
  • Power BI vs other BI tools (Gartner Magic Quadrant)

Power BI Desktop 

  •     Data Models - How to structure your data
  •     Schemas - Data structure definition
  •     Relationships - How data in one table relates to another
  •     Connectivity - Connection options, e.g. real-time or stored/refreshed
  •     Design Environment - Learning how to build reports.
  •     Importing Data - How to get data into a data model.
  •     Dashboards in Desktop
  •     Get data from different sources
  •     Custom Colours
  •     PowerBi template
  •     Desktop Three views
  •     Data View: Column Sort, formatting, hiding columns
  •     Relation ship view: create and manage relationships
  •     Relationship Cardinality: 1-to-1, 1-to-many, many-to-many
  •     Create and format visuals
  •     Slicers
  •     Highlight and filter
  •     Control Filter interaction
  •     Hierarchies
  •     Drill Down
  •     Show data and show records in Drilldown
  •     Publish reports/Dashboards
  •     Monthly Updates

 Power BI Service

  •     Self-service BI - Visualising your own data.
  •     Organisational BI - Creating a single, reliable version of the truth.
  •     Portal - Easy access from anywhere.
  •     Content Items - The essential elements of a report.
  •     Datasets - The data behind a report.
  •     Connecting to Data - Accessing data for use in Power BI.
  •     Visualizing Data - Building attractive, meaningful displays.
  •     Licence schema
  •     Load data in Power BI services
  •     Create Reports in Power BI services
  •     Pin visuals to dashboard
  •     Dashboard Flow and Navigation
  •     Power BI for Mobile
  •     Dashboard Tiles
  •     Dashboard customization
  •     Natural Language Queries
  •     Quick Insights
  •     Inbuilt Demo Samples
  •     Web publication
  •     Power BI to PowerPoint export

Importing & Transforming Data

  • Queries & the Query Editor - Controlling the data import process
  • Shaping & Cleansing Data - Making real-world data usable.
  • Combining Datasets - Appending, merging data from different sources.
  • Functions - The M library of powerful data manipulation capability.
  • Date Tables - Building customised time intelligence.
  • Loading Transformed Data - Populating the Power BI data model.
  • Query Editor in brief
  • Query Design explained
  • Query editors tabs and menus
  • Best Practice for Queries
  • Applied Steps
  • Advanced Query Editor
  • Data Transformations
  • Data cleaning
  • Dataset merges
  • Unpivoting
  • Accessing data from a Folder
  • Appending techniques
  • Columns
  • Dynamic Fiscal Calendar Tables

Data Modelling

  • Tables & Columns - Understanding basic data structure.
  • Data View - Seeing your underlying data values
  • Exploring Data - Easy data profiling
  • Managing Schema & Data Changes - Dealing with issues of change control
  • Connections & Tables - Data lineage.
  • Data Refresh - Optimising new data acquisition.
  • Relating Tables - Telling Power BI how your data relates internally.
  • Rules & Limitations - Filter flow options and consequences.
  • Auto-Detecting - Pros and cons of saving design time
  • Relationship View - Working on your data model structure.
  • Introduction to Facts & Dimensions
  • Creating Relationships Between Tables
  • Relationship types
  • CrossFilter Relationships
  • Handling Multiple Relationships with the Fact Table
  • Custom Sorting of Columns
  • Data Types & Formatting


  • Reading View - Seeing what users see.
  • Editing View - Customising user experience.
  • Visualisations and Custom Visualisations - Telling a compelling story.
  • Dashboards - The easy-read overall summary ‘at a glance’
  • Creating & formatting Dashboards
  • Creating visuals
  • Choosing the best visual
  • Interactivity between visuals
  • Visuals in Preview and Custom Visuals
  • Formatting visuals
  • Types of Conditional Formatting
  • Optimizing the Matrix Layouts
  • Adding Drill-Downs
  • Viewing the Underlying Data Driving a Visualization
  • Understanding Row Level Security
  • Creating and Testing Security Roles

DAX & Calculations

  •     Data Analysis Expressions - Powerful versatility at your command.
  •     Calculated Columns - Extending data tables.
  •     Measures - How your data is summarised.
  •     DAX Syntax - Learning the basic grammar of formula writing.
  •     DAX Functions - Building blocks for data manipulation.
  •     Advanced Relationships - Data model design trade-offs.
  •     Dax Operators
  •     Calculated Measures & Calculated Columns
  •     Implicit Vs Explicit
  •     Base Measures & Metrics
  •     Commonly Used DAX Functions
  •     DAX Aggregate functions
  •     Iterators: SUMX, MAXX, AVERAGEX
  •     IF conditional statements
  •     Cross Table Lookups
  •     Evaluating Context in the relationship
  •     CALCULATE: the magic function
  •     USERELATIONSHIP function
  •     Time Intelligence prerequisites
  •     Time intelligence functions (MTD, QTD, YTD, Prior Year)
  •     Create a time Intelligence report

Publishing & Sharing Dashboards & Reports

  • Sharing Dashboards - Who gets to see what?
  • Creating Workspace - Organising structure around people.
  • Publish App - Making it available online.
  • Security - Restricting access to the ‘need to knows'
  • Publishing Models to the Cloud Service
  • Adding Users to Security Defined Roles
  • Basic Sharing of Dashboards & Reports
  • Multiple ways of sharing reports and Dashboards
  • Creating App Workspaces
  • Collaborating on Reports
  • Publishing Organisational Apps for Distribution of Content
  • Adding Users & Editing Workspaces
  • Connecting to Apps

Data Refreshing

  • The Data Gateway
  • Data Refreshe schedules
  • On-Demand Refresh

Power BI Mobile

  •     Native Applications (iOS/Android/Windows)
  •     Optimising deployment on different platforms.
  •     Viewing Content, How phone view works.
  •     Sharing & Collaboration - Encouraging appropriate teamwork.
  •     Configuring Alerts - How to notify users of important new data.
  •     Configure reports for Mobile view
  •     Configure Dashboard for Mobile view
  •     Viewing Content
  •     Sharing & Collaboration
  •     Configuring Alerts
JBI training course London UK

Business Analysts, Financial Analysts, Quants, Data Scientists and Staff who need to use Power BI for producing reports from Excel, SQL Server and other databases.

Note : This course requires delegates to run Power BI Desktop. Mac users must make arrangements to use a PC

4.8 out of 5 average

“I liked these topics: The filters, Relative data Book marks, Cross filtering, Tool Tips.  The instructor was very patient, helpful, friendly and answered all questions" 
LI, Service Support officer, Power BI Intro, April 2021


“Learning more about the query editor was very useful and especially the merge tables features. The Bookmarks section was very good and it was nice to see some really good examples of how it can be used to present your work. The presenter was very helpful and had great knowledge of Power BI."
AG, Business Analyst, Power BI Advanced, February  2021

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JBI training course London UK
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Problem 11 : You have a very complex Excel spreadsheet and you want to reproduce EXACTLY the same spreadsheet in Power BI
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