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AI for Business & IT Staff training course

A comprehensive introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business and IT Staff

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Our AI training course for business and IT staff will introduce delegates to the possibilities offered by AI, as well as the terminology and market forces.

This is a short course to inspire and educate your business and IT community, to ensure that your organisation is well placed to take advantage of opportunities and to gain a competitive edge within the marketplace.

JBI's expert AI consultants will share real-world experiences and trends with delegates. This workshop can be brought onsite and run as a private course for your organisation, thus enabling a more open and relevant discussion to take place


JBI training course London UK

  • Learn the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the world of business
  • Gain an overview of Machine Learning that covers concepts, terminology and techniques
  • Learn about automation in the workplace and productivity of employees
  • Gain an introduction to Big Data
  • Explore chatbots, natural language processing (NLP) and Deep Learning
  • Understand the tools for data scientists and non-data scientists
  • Build your AI capability and apply data science principles
  • Learn about the opportunities for businesses
  • Explore the industry trends and the future of the workplace 
Next on 6 Jun £950.00+VAT
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Introduction to AI

  • History of Artificial Intelligence - Once confined to the corridors of academia, AI is now having a massive impact on the world of business and beyond.
  • Discover what changed in just the last 10 years, from the explosion of open source software to the big data revolution, to yield what The Economist now calls the fourth industrial revolution.

Introduction to ML

  • Machine Learning - An overview of machine learning covering concepts, terminology and techniques along with case studies and examples.

Automation in the work place

  • Maximizing impact from AI doesn't necessarily mean deploying self-aware intelligent systems.
  • Currently a huge source of value is derived from simply automating complex processes, resulting in less busywork and increased productivity for employees.

A brief introduction to Big Data 

  • What is Big Data, where did it come from, and a non-technical overview of common technologies used within the industry such as Hadoop and MapReduce.
  • Chatbots, natural language processing and deep learning - A light summary of other related technologies within the field of Artificial Intelligence and their use cases within businesses.
  • Tools for Data Scientists and non-Data Scientists - Overview of common tools for data munging, machine learning, data visualization and building dashboards.

Building your AI capability 

  • Skills and traits of successful data scientists, how to build a data team, how to apply data science principles when hiring, and recommended resources for individual skill development.

Opportunities for businesses 

  • Where are the opportunities for organizations looking to invest in data initiatives, the challenges inherent in building a data-driven culture, and solutions with case studies.

The future of the workplace 

  • A look at industry trends and what the future may bring.
Next on 6 Jun £950.00+VAT
Custom courses and prices
JBI training course London UK

Business and IT staff looking to learn about AI at a high level


Next on 6 Jun £950.00+VAT
Custom courses and prices

4.8 out of 5 average

Next on 6 Jun £950.00+VAT
Custom courses and prices
JBI training course London UK
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