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Non Functional Requirements Training Course

Understand how the identification of non-functional requirements can help to improve the quality and usability of your software development

19 Nov London
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Non Functional Requirements training course (code: NONFUNC)


 Our Non Functional Requirements training course is run as a consultative, workshop-style event, in which discussion of topics such as what are Non Functional Requirements, why should you care about them, how can you identify and test them  takes place in relation to the delegates' own applications and scenarios. To facilitate this type of event, a subject matter expert leads the training, hands-on labs and discussions to ensure course topics are covered in a meaningful, relevant and timely manner.


IT Professionals working in a Software Development project environment



Session 1: Introduction


Session 2: What Are NFRs?

  • Examines the characteristics of Non Functional Requirements
  • Looks at what Non Functional Requirements exists
  • Considers which are particularly relevant to your company

Workshop 1: Consider Non Functional Requirements for a Ticketing system


Session 3: Why are NFRs Difficult?

  • Considers the challenges associated with Non Functional Requirements
  • Issues of terminology, specification, measurement and test
  • System wide, emergent nature of Non Functionals
  • Can’t retro fit Non Functionals to an application
  • Need to consider them up front

Workshop 2: Explores how to identify Non Functionals


Session 4: Approaches to capturing and representing NFRs

  • Sources of Non Functional Requirements
  • Approaches to finding Non Functional Requirements
  • NFR Questionnaires
  • Quantifying NFRs
  • Proxies for testing difficult to measure NFRs


Session 5: Developer Accountability

  • Consider show to improve accountability for NFRs
  • Present the project as needing to be accountable
  • Developers accountable within Project context
  • Understanding of what Non Functional Requirements are
  • Greater understanding of the importance of Non Functional Requirements
  • Familiarity with the Non Functional Requirements that are important to your company
  • Awareness of how to identify and gather Non Functional Requirements
  • The need for the project as a whole, as well

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19th Nov 2019 - 1 days £995

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