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Why are developers in the blockchain space keen on using Rust?

We asked a Rust Developer this question.... this is what he said...

"Frankly, a lot of it is because they saw other people doing it. There’s a lot of cargo culting in the blockchain space, and just playing with more exciting technologies in order to attract people. But more usefully, it’s mostly about Rust’s combination of performance and safety; a decade ago, you could choose at most one of the two, but now Rust has demonstrated that dichotomy to be false. Some parts of your blockchain systems are performance-sensitive, but they’re also extremely high-value targets (they’re guarding large amounts of money with this code), so using a memory-unsafe language is unnecessary risk. Multiple studies have analysed the number of critical security vulnerabilities that would have been completely avoided by memory safety, and they’ve all found the answer to be in the vicinity of 70%.

Rust is also just a whole lot more pleasant to work in than the traditional high-performance languages, and its particular safety guarantees also allow other performance improvements to be done safely that would be especially dangerous, often stupidly so, in other languages (hence one slogan: “fearless concurrency”).

Also notable in why blockchain people *use* Rust more than most other domains is that blockchain is fresher ground, and so is willing to risk more on a less mature ecosystem if there’s cause to do so, and also that they’re trying to attract developers with exciting tech, and Rust is a popular language that people like to work with."

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