Google Polymer.js training course

Learn how to build reusable web components using the Google Polymer.js framework.

NEXT ON 17 February
3 days £1795 + VAT

JBI training course London UK

  • Web Components
  • Material Design
  • Introduction to Polymer
  • Polymer Elements
  • First Application with Polymer
  • Polymer Designer Tool and Polymer Starter Kit
  • Working with Polymer.dart


Create custom web elements enabling more complex web components utilising building blocks you are used to with the standard set of HTML elements.

                                       This hands-on immersive thorough introduction to Polymer.js will give you all you need to start building your own customised web elements and teach you how to use on their own and how to integrate with the Angular or React frameworks too.

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Software developers with existing knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS. 


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Course Agenda

Web Components

Introduction to Web Components


Shadow DOM

Custom elements

HTML imports

Styles and selectors


Material Design

What is Material Design?

Material Design – to the moon and back!

Other tools


Introduction to Polymer

What is Polymer?

Downloading the code

Working with Polymer

Registering elements

Declaring element properties

Property change observers

Local Polymer DOM elements

Data binding in Polymer

Behaviors in Polymer

Mixins in Polymer


Polymer Elements

App elements

Iron elements

Paper elements

Google web components

Gold elements

Neon elements

Platinum elements



First Application with Polymer

Meet P O L Y


Starting with the app development

P O L Y – the app page (home.html)


Polymer Designer Tool and Polymer Starter Kit

Polymer Designer Tool

The right-hand side panel

The top panel

Polymer Starter Kit


Working with Polymer.dart

What is Dart?

Installing Dart

Structuring an application

Using custom elements in Dart

Creating custom elements in Dart

Building an app


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