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Oracle Goldengate Essentials training course

Extend GoldenGate's out-of-the-box functionality to employ its rich features and meet your business objectives

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

•    Extend GoldenGate's out-of-the-box functionality to employ its rich features and meet your business objectives
•    Deliver best-in-class data integration solutions by integrating GoldenGate with other Oracle products
•    Deploy data integration solutions effectively to lower your total cost of ownership and increase you ROI
•    Extend GoldenGate functionality through APIs and reduce your IT operational expenditure
•    Enhance system management and monitoring in your GoldenGate environment
•    Generate real-time statistics to gauge data throughput and performance


This short Oracle Goldengate training course is aimed at Oracle database administrators, project managers, and solution architects who wish to extend their knowledge of GoldenGate. The student is assumed to be familiar with Oracle databases. No knowledge of GoldenGate is required.

Start with the installation and learn the design concepts and enhanced configuration of GoldenGate 12c. Exploit new 12c features to successfully implement GoldenGate on your enterprise. Dive deep into configuring GoldenGate for high availability and DDL support. Build fast, secure, robust, scalable technical solutions by tuning data delivery and networks

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

The course is suitable for technical personnel who need to learn how to administer and maintain Oracle Goldengate


4.8 out of 5 average

JBI training course London UK

  Oracle GoldenGate 12c Introduction
•    Describing Oracle GoldenGate Files
•    Contrasting Batch and Online Operation
•    Explaining Change Capture and Delivery (with and without a Data Pump)
•    Describing Commit Sequence Number (CSN)
•    Describing Oracle GoldenGate Process Groups
•    Explaining Initial Data Load
•    Explaining Oracle GoldenGate Checkpointing
Installing Oracle GoldenGate
•    Get help information on GGSCI commands
•    Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Linux
•    Identify the types of GGSCI commands available
•    Using Obey Files and OS Shell
•    Preparing the Operating System
•    Running GoldenGate Commands from the GGSCI Prompt,
Configuration Overview and Preparing the Environment
•    Describing the High-level Configuration Steps
•    Preparing a Source Database for Transaction Capture
•    Generating a Source Definitions File
•    Configuring and Starting the Manager Process
Configuring Extracts
•    Configuring and Starting an Extract Process
•    Adding Local and Remote Trails
•    Marking Tables with TRANDATA
•    Configuring and Starting an Extract Data Pump
•    Describing the Extract Process
Configuring Initial Load
•    Describing Oracle GoldenGate Initial Load Methods
•    Describing a Variety of Database-specific Methods
•    Explaining the Advantages of Oracle GoldenGate Methods
•    Configuring an Initial Load using Oracle GoldenGate
Configuring Replicat
•    Describing Avoid and Handle Collisions Between Changes and the Initial Load Data
•    Explaining the Replicat Process
•    Explaining Adding, Configuring and Starting a Replicat Process
Extracting Trails and Files
•    Reversing the Sequence of Operations in an Extract Trail or File to Back out Changes
•    Investigating Different Formats
•    Describing and Contrast Extract Trails and Files
•    Viewing Extract Trails and Files with Logdump
Working with Parameters
•    Describing Commonly-used Parameters for GLOBALS, Manager, Extract and Replicat
•    Editing Parameter Files
•    Contrasting GLOBALS with Process Parameters
Using Data Selection and Filtering
•    Using SQLEXEC to Interact Directly with a Database
•    Selecting and Filtering Data for Replication
•    Using Built-in Functions
•    Mapping Columns Between Different Schemas
Using Additional Transformation Concepts
•    Setting and retrieving User Tokens
•    Replicating Oracle Sequences
Setting Up DDL Replication
•    Explaining DDL String Substitution
•    Understanding the Concept of DDL Replication
•    Explaining the Requirements for Oracle DDL Replication
•    Describing GoldenGate Options for DDL Replication


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