R - Reporting & Dashboards with Shiny training course

Create Commercial Dashboards and Reports with R and Shiny

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JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an Introduction to Data Wrangling & Exploratory Data 
  • Learn how to clean, normalise and gather data with the tidyverse
  • Design static and interactive Business Intelligence charts that are understandable at a glance  
  • Visualise and compare data from different regions using GIS, Maps and Geographic Data
  • Gain an introduction to Reports with RMarkdown 
  • Create rich, interactive reports in multiple formats, including; PDF, HTML and MS Word
  • Create Dashboards with Shiny ( An open source R package ) that helps you build web apps
  • Design responsive web applications for your customers and colleagues to query datasets



Our R for Reporting and Dashboards training course is designed for teams looking to create reports and dashboards programmatically from R. Many users are looking at R and Shiny as an alternative to Tableau, ClickView or Microsoft’s PowerBI.

It will help you leverage business intelligence in reports and dashboards that your customers and colleagues will enjoy using – including on mobile devices.

We will cover the extreme basics of preparing data for use with R and then introduce an array of data visualisation tools, so you will have the skills necessary to start building reports and dashboards as soon as you’ve finished the course.


JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

This course is aimed at those that want to create reports or dashboards from existing R code or for teams who are considering replacing alternatives like Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI with Shiny. You’ll leave the course confident in users R to create clean, mobile-ready dashboards and reports.



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