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Terms & Conditions

THIS AGREEMENT AND PARTIES     This agreement is made between us, JB International Training Limited (herein known as JBI) of 2B Redbourne Avenue, London, N3 2BS and you, the Client (person, partnership or company) named on the Booking Form or Quotation. The individual signing this Booking Form in writing or by email or otherwise agrees that they are  authorised to do so by the Client named on the Booking Form or Quotation. The individual so named  separately underwrites and guarantees to fulfil the financial and other obligations of the Client named on the Booking Form or Quotation should that individual also be a Director, Partner, owner or principal of the Client named on the Booking Form or Quotation. Your part of the agreement shall come into effect once we receive a signed Booking Form from you by email, fax or otherwise or an email or other acknowledgement denoting your agreement to our terms & conditions and quotation provided and committing to booking our services, as quoted. Any conditions submitted, proposed or stipulated by you in whatever form and at whatever time, whether written or oral, are expressly waived and excluded. No change made by you to this agreement or terms shall be binding unless specifically highlighted by you to us and agreed in writing by us.

COURSE ENQUIRIES & BOOKINGS    Enquiries may be made by telephoning or emailing us and any special arrangements or deviation from our terms and conditions should be agreed by us in writing at this stage. A booking can be made by responding to a JBI Quotation as directed by us or by completing a booking form. This is normally done by email. Upon receipt by JBI of the Booking, a course place/s will be reserved for the delegates, subject to availability.  Clients should not make financial commitments such as travel or accommodation without prior confirmation by us that the course or service is definitely going ahead.

FEES        Scheduled course fees are published but should be confirmed prior to booking. Passport/voucher fees should be confirmed in writing. Fees for certain courses (eg non-scheduled courses and workshops) cannot be paid for using Passports. Passports, vouchers and packages expire within one year of registration. Passports, vouchers and Packages may only be used to pay for specific courses and dates and these should be confirmed with us prior to purchasing the passport/vouchers. Some courses may be discontinued after a Passport/voucher/package is taken out and JBI cannot take any responsibility for those courses no longer being available.

PAYMENT TERMS    All fees will be subject to VAT at the current rate and you agree to pay (cleared funds to be paid in respect of)  the full agreed fees no later than 5 working days prior to the start of any course or in any event prior to the course start date, if booked very close to the course start date. Unless agreed in writing in advance, a failure by you to pay prior to a course may be interpreted by us as a cancellation and cancellation penalty may then apply as per cancellation clause below. Credit card payments will incur an additional card issuer fee of between 1.75% for ordinary private visa/Mastercard and 3.5% for AmEx and other Business credit/Charge/debit Cards. If we have to issue a refund on a card payment, the transaction charge will not be refunded. Where fees include third party charges such as external certification costs, we reserve the right to charge additional charges at a later date should these increase after the booking date.

INSTRUCTOR’S EXPENSES        For all non-scheduled courses, regardless of location,  the instructor’s travelling, accommodation and subsistence expenses will be charged to the client. For non-scheduled courses travel time at a pre-agreed rate may be applied, unless the instructor can get to the client site after a normal working day during the evening prior to the course and return home during the evening following the course. An invoice will be raised following the course once precise costs are known.

CANCELLATION OR POSTPONEMENT BY CLIENT    Depending on when you cancel or postpone, a penalty may be charged to you in respect of both the fees and other financial commitments made by us for the engagement. Therefore all cancellations and postponements must be notified to JBI in writing immediately in order to mitigate penalty and other charges. This applies to all courses or services whether they have been paid for yet or not. Penalty Fees will be due depending on how many working days before a course you cancel or postpone :

16 working days       :        100% of fees penalty
17-29 working days  :      50% of fees penalty
30 working days +    :          0% of fees penalty

REFUNDS  In accordance with the "cancellation or postponement by client" clause above, depending on the notice period given, JBI will refund to your credit or debit card or bank account any amounts pre-paid for the training or other services, less any penalties (and any more specific costs incurred by us on your behalf as a result of you booking the service or training). If we cancel or re-schedule a course you will be offered an immediate refund to your card or bank account.

GROUP SIZES TRANSFERS AND SUBSTITUTES    Transfers to other courses may be possible depending on availability but these will be on a standby basis only. Cancellation fees may still apply if sufficient notice is not provided as above. All transfers will be chargeable at £30 per delegate to cover administration.
Substitute delegates with suitable experience may be sent at short notice, and no charges will apply. For closed courses, we assume that group sizes will be no more than 8 delegates, unless a smaller or larger number has been agreed with us in written communications prior to the course for the same fees.

CANCELLATION AND RESCHEDULING BY JBI    JBI reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course or service or part thereof at any time. In the event of JBI having to cancel or re-schedule a course or service, you will be offered an alternative course date to commence or continue or the option to withdraw from the course or service and a credit/refund issued if appropriate for any portion of the course or service which has not been delivered. We cannot take responsibility for any travel, accommodation or other costs incurred by the client as a result of cancellation or re-scheduling by us. Once a passport is booked payment cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

COPYRIGHT    All copyright and other intellectual property in all material which we prepare for use prior to or during the course, including marketing and course notes, shall be and remain vested in us. You cannot duplicate or use any materials given to you for distribution to others by electronic or other means. This specifically applies to recordings of any course or service delivered to you (whether delivered face-to-face or online).

COURSE CONTENT OR SERVICES    The course content or services delivered will be as published or as agreed with clients prior to booking the course or service. Course outlines may change from time to time, and should be confirmed when booking. We endeavour to address all parts of the course as detailed in the course outline, but this cannot always be guaranteed, especially if durations are shortened and when delegate aptitude or pre-requisite skills are inadequate. The instructor may reduce/eliminate hands-on labs or other detail from certain topics in order to ensure that more topics can be covered in the time available, or may eliminate some topics completely in order to spend more time on topics deemed to be of priority by the instructor, given the instructor's understanding of priorities from the majority or or as directed by senior delegates in a class or organisation to whom the class or service is being delivered. We may, if possible, change course content at the request of delegates provided this is agreeable to most delegates or is felt to be necessary by the tutor. Duration of courses can be changed by the instructor depending on the number of delegates, the speed of the class and aptitude of delegates.  Courses will normally run 9.30-16.30 hours with 1 hour lunch and some refreshment breaks.

DOCUMENTATION    Electronic or paper documentation may be provided for some courses and may vary in style and depth. Documentation purchase, preparation and duplication and licensing for non-scheduled courses will be charged on top of course delivery fees, and an invoice will be raised following the course once precise costs are known.

DELEGATE EXPERIENCE AND BEHAVIOUR    Delegates are expected to behave professionally at all times during the course. Drunk and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated. Delegates must fulfil the minimum requirements specified in the course. Failure to adhere to these pre-requisites will impact our ability to deliver the course effectively. Inexperienced, under qualified, over experienced and over qualified delegates may attend courses but must realise that the benefits gained will be limited and that instructors cannot normally change course content and depth to suit these delegates, unless by prior arrangement. We reserve the right to exclude delegates from the course (without refund of fees) at any time if they cause interruptions or delays for the above or any other reasons, or if their expectations, qualifications and experience impact on our ability to deliver the course as per our outline or as otherwise agreed in writing.    We reserve the right to stop a course (without refund of fees) should delegates misbehave, cause interruption or should their expectations, experience and qualifications be such that we cannot continue to deliver the course as originally agreed in the course outline or in writing in terms of content and depth. All claims made against us by other clients or delegates as a result of such delays or interruptions will be chargeable to those causing the delays.

MISCELLANEOUS    The client (and any other parties introduced by the client to JBI’s representatives directly or indirectly) will not, under any circumstances, conduct any direct negotiations with JBI’s representatives, sub-contractors or associate companies (or parties introduced by them directly or indirectly) in respect of this or any other planned work without prior approval in writing from JBI. Any loss of actual or future business resulting from such negotiations will be charged to the client at a rate of £5000 per day for each man day of lost business, £2,000 per delegate day on public courses or at the value of the lost business whichever is greater.

SOFTWARE    The client is assumed to have Software and licenses for all courses we run for the client regardless of the location of the training or hardware used, whether provided by us or the client. We expect delegates to bring their own Laptops to all courses (public and closed) with a recent Windows OS and with unrestricted connectivity to the Internet.

DAMAGE   Delegates will be responsible for any damage they cause to our data, equipment or premises to the value of resulting losses.

EQUIPMENT & BELONGINGS   We expect delegates to bring their own Laptops to all courses (public and closed) with a recent Windows OS and with unrestricted connectivity to the Internet. JBI will not take any responsibility whatever for theft or losses to clients belongings left at our premises, or to any damage or loss resulting from attending our premises or our courses/services anywhere in the world. Valuables, computer equipment, personal property, etc, should never be left unattended, even if our instructors/consultants and staff offer to look after these items during breaks, as we have no means of verifying and insuring the items and any losses that may occur. Clients should ensure that any equipment we deliver away from our offices to facilitate a course or service (eg. Laptops, Computer equipment and any other hardware) is well looked after and stored securely. Clients will be charged for any losses or damage caused to the equipment once delivered to them.

SATISFACTION   A Course is assumed to be progressing to the client’s satisfaction unless JBI Office staff are notified otherwise. If there is an issue, delegates must contact JBI’s Office immediately (do not wait till the end of the course). We will address and resolve any issues immediately, so that the course may continue with the issues having been addressed, to ensure both client satisfaction and the mitigation of any costs to JBI and/or the client. If appropriate, we may change the delivery logistics or pre-agreed content from that point on in line with requests, as long as the majority of delegates agree (or as directed by senior Client staff) and it is reasonable to expect the instructor to do so, based on the course content agreed upon at the outset, and the Instructor’s skills and prepared materials.

DATA   Clients should not expose JBI’s instructors or consultants to any of their sensitive data or systems as JBI will not take any responsibility for any losses that may be incurred should this happen deliberately or accidentally. Any Non Disclosure Agreements signed by our consultants should be treated as a private arrangement between the individual consultant/instructor and the client company and JBI will not underwrite these in any way.

COURSE DELIVERY courses are normally delivered by a JBI Instructor face-to-face in a classroom with delegates (at our training centre or client offices). JBI reserve the option to modify course delivery method (eg. remote delivery using web based video conferencing software) by prior arrangement or where a personal delivery becomes impractical, dangerous or unadvisable for JBI, a client or delegates. Both JBI and clients will do their best to facilitate alternative delivery methods where it is reasonable to do so. Additional costs incurred by JBI will be charged to the client. We expect delegates to bring their own Laptops to all courses (public and closed) with a recent Windows OS and with unrestricted connectivity to the Internet.



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