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Learn Business Process Reengineering (BPR) - Improve organisational process, agility & reduce costs

28 Oct London
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Business Process Reengineering training course (code: BPRINTRO)


This BPR traininnig course will show you how,  if it is done properly, BPR is one of the most effective ways of making organizational change which has real impact on the customers.  Performance improvement relates to internal efficiency and competitive advantage. Internal efficiency is achieved by examining how we can run the business with fewer hand-offs, barriers, formal communications and less waiting time. Competitive advantage often involves working with the customers on assisting them with their business so that you can both be more effective.


Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Business Process Engineers, System Analysts, and anyone who is involved in analysing, planning, designing or implementing Business Processes.



The what and why of business process reengineering (BPR)
Maximizing competitive advantage through radical redesign
The need for reengineering
Determining what reengineering is, and is not
Focusing on the business process
Achieving cost reduction and revenue generation goals

Applying the proven CLAMBRE/UML framework for reengineering
Modeling standards: UML and BPMN
Customers vs. stakeholders
Identifying activities and information structure
Creative right-brain thinking
Targeting the Customer

Exploring the customer interface
Expanding customer roles with aggregation
Refining customer types using generalization
Establishing an accurate customer profile

Documenting customer values and needs
Service provision vs. product supply
Evaluating customer satisfaction: quality, flexibility, speed, cost, service
Categorizing customer relationships using the PRIDE checklist
Applying QFD to link customer requirements with supplied components
Modeling the Business Process

Pinpointing processes for reengineering
Uncovering core business processes
Choosing suitable metrics to assess process performance
Detecting business process anti patterns
Presenting findings to senior management

Describing worker roles and responsibilities using UML
Identifying anomalies in worker roles using cross-reference matrices
Mapping a business process using activity diagrams
Partitioning activities between roles
Analyzing the Business Process

Detailing business processes
Selecting appropriate UML tools
Scoping the process with UML use case diagrams
Pinpointing key business actors
Modeling alternative workflows
Capturing ineffective business activities

Exploring the business structure
Revisiting organization infrastructure
Mapping information using class diagrams
UML business stereotypes
Designating process architecture with communication diagrams
Removing restrictive structures

Maximizing the benefits of information technology
Web-enabled technology
Interaction through social spaces
Designing future-proof business systems
Business intelligence solutions
E-commerce: B2B and B2C
Redesigning the Business Process

Redefining customer-process boundaries
Adapting the business process to benefit specific customer types
Integrating and capitalizing on technology opportunities
Personalizing the process
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations

Creating the new process using best business practice
Incorporating business patterns
Resolving process anomalies
Comparing strategic alternatives
Ensuring durable, reliable information management

Rolling Out the Reengineered Process
Re-educating the workforce
Linking metrics with customer satisfaction
Supporting ongoing process improvement
Monitoring and measuring results
Demonstrating success

  • Process improvement
  • An Innovative Management Framework methodology
  • Using an integrated, structured framework
  • Applying the newest features of UML 2.2 and BPMN
  • Providing Business Process Management & Reengineering
  • Cutting edge principles of Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Links to Lean Six Sigma
  • Enterprise Performance Management (ePM)
  • Using Balanced Scorecards
  • Translating strategy into action

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28th Oct 2019 - 3 days £1995

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