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Spring 4 for the Enterprise Training Course

Use Spring's comprehensive infrastructure support for developing Enterprise Level Web Java applications

4 Nov London
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Spring 4 for the Enterprise training course (code: SPRINGJEE)


This Spring 4 training course teaches you how to create enterprise applications using the latest versions of the very popular Spring framework. The training course will be delivered using either Eclipse or IntelliJ and Maven as the core development and build environments. In addition to teaching all the major aspects of both frameworks, the course also covers best practice integration between the frameworks and also the architectural principles surrounding how to use the frameworks appropriately.


Java Developers who aim to develop JEE web and web services applications within the Spring framework



Chapter 1 Introduction to the Spring Framework

    The need for Spring
    Implementing Dependency Injection with Spring
    The Spring Core
    Programming to Interfaces using Spring
    Incorporating Spring into Java EE applications

Chapter 2 Configuring Spring Beans

    Using Spring Annotations
    Using Java Configuration classes
    A brief introduction to XML configuration

Chapter 3 Spring and JDBC Database Connectivity

    The Spring JDBC Related Module
    The challenges of pure JDBC
    The Spring JDBC Template
    Writing an effective DAO using the Spring template class
    Spring configuration elements required for database access

Chapter 4 Introduction to the Java Persistence API

    History of JPA
    The need for Object Relational Mapping technology
    Hibernate and the JPA
    Mapping beans using JPA annotations
    Using the EntityManager to work with data
    Implementing relationships

Chapter 5 Spring and the JPA

    Integrating Spring with the JPA
    Injecting EntityManagers into DAOs
    Spring configuration for effective use of JPA with Spring
    Session management
    Working with Transactions
    Coordinating transactions with appropriate propagation

Chapter 6 Spring and NoSQL with MongoDB or Cassandra

    Integrating Spring with MongoDB and Cassandra
    The MongoTemplate from Spring
    Inserting and Updating and Querying NoSQL Databases

Chapter 7 Spring Data

    Building CRUD APIs
    Working with finder methods
    The Repository pattern
    Using Spring Data with a NoSQL Database

Chapter 8 Spring Validation

    Using Validator Annotations
    Enabling validation
    Displaying validation error messages

Chapter 9 Spring MVC for REST Services

    Overview of REST principles
    Creating REST controllers
    Using Paths and Parameters
    Processing JSON and XML Data

Chapter 10 Spring Security

    Authentication and Authorization
    The Spring Security Servlet Filter
    AOP based security for components
    Configuring form based authentication
    Realm configuration using Spring

Chapter 11 Spring Boot

    Creating entire applications using Boot
    Configuring a Repository using Boot
    Creating a REST API using Boot
    Maintaining Spring Boot Applications

Chapter 12 Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring

    The need for AOP
    Defining Aspects
    Defining Pointcuts
    Defining Advices
    Configuration options for AOP
    Weaving options when using AOP

Chapter 13 Unit Testing Spring Applications

    Using the Spring Context in Unit Tests
    Autowiring beans into tests
    Testing Web application controllers using Spring
    Mocking when using Spring

Chapter 14 JMS Messaging from Spring

    Introduction to JMS
    The JMSTemplate
    The convertAndSend vs send methods
    Integrating messaging with Spring Boot

  • Introduction to the Spring Framework
  • Configuring Spring Beans
  • Spring and JDBC Database Connectivity
  • Introduction to the Java Persistence API
  • Spring and the JPA
  • Spring and NoSQL with MongoDB or Cassandra
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Validation
  • Spring MVC for REST Services
  • Spring Security
  • Spring Boot
  • Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring
  • Unit Testing Spring Applications
  • JMS Messaging from Spring

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