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RabbitMQ training course

RabbitMQ is amessage-queueing software also known as a message broker or queue manager. Simply said; it is software where applications connect in order to transfer messages or information. Our Trainer is one of the leading experts in this field and can tailor the RabbitMQ course to meet your needs.

JBI training course London UK

“A useful and thorough introduction"  
LI, Leade Developer, June 22

JBI training course London UK

  • Learn how to create visually compelling dashboards and reports
  • Understand how to import data from excel and other sources
  • Gain the knowledge to clean your data and prepare it for reporting
  • Learn how to explore and profile your data
  • learn the use of data flow
  • Create functional models by connecting your tables to interact in a report
  • Implement a consistent theme for reports using best practices
  • Create different visual types to enhance and interpret your data
  • Explore filters and interact with visuals
  • Create multi page reports and summarise the data in dashboards
  • Implement security on the reports and dashboards
  • Create calculated columns and measures in DAX language 
  • Use time intelligence data to track and compare data
  • Publish models to the cloud service
  • Explore Power BI mobile

In this Video, Clive gives an overview of how to sort fields in Power BI... The content is taken from our Microsoft Power BI Introduction training course

Introduction to RabbitMQ

Setting up the required folders
Downloading and installing RabbitMQ

Understanding messaging

The role of a consumer
The role of a producer
Bindings consumers and producers
Messages and durability
How to verify delivery

Administering RabbitMQ

Starting and stopping nodes
RabbitMQ configuration files
How to manage privileges
Viewing statistics and analyzing logs
Sending alerts
How to set up parallel processing

High availability with cluster

Architecture of a cluster
Queues in a cluster
Setting up a test cluster
Distributing the nodes to more machines
How to preserve messages: mirrored queues

A programmer perspective

Writing robust code
Installing and configuring HAProxy
Failing clients between servers

Implementing failover and replication

Setting up a load balancer-based master/slave
Installing the Shovel plugin
Configuring and running Shovel

Web tools to administer RabbitMQ

The RabbitMQ Management plugin
Managing RabbitMQ from the web console
Administering users from the web console
Managing queue from the web console
Using the command line interface

RabbitMQ and the REST API

REST API features
Accessing statistics
vhost and user provisioning

Monitoring and securing RabbitMQ

Message durability and Message acknowledgement
Memory usage and process limits
Setting up SSL

JBI training course London UK

This event is suited to Developers, Architects & Administrators who want to make use of RabbitMQ messaging in their projects. Participants require a good experience in Core Java or any other programming language to attend this training program.

4.8 out of 5 average

“A useful and thorough introduction"  
LI, Leade Developer, June 22


“Learning more about the query editor was very useful and especially the merge tables features. The Bookmarks section was very good and it was nice to see some really good examples of how it can be used to present your work. The presenter was very helpful and had great knowledge of Power BI."
AG, Business Analyst, Power BI Advanced, February  2021

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JBI training course London UK
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