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JavaScript (Advanced) training course

Use advanced JavaScript to understand and implement good software engineering practices for your websites and frameworks

4.8 out of 5 average

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JBI training course London UK

  • Use advanced JavaScript to understand and implement good software engineering practices for your websites and frameworks
  • Explore Regular expressions
  • Work with constrained devices
  • Understand SE best practices
  • Exploit Third party frameworks & libraries
  • Understand Common design patterns
  • Explore New technologies


Our Advanced Javascript training course runs as a consultative, workshop-style event, in which discussion of topics such as good programming practices, JavaScript programming patterns and code smells takes place in relation to the delegates' own applications and scenarios. To facilitate this event, a subject matter expert leads the training, hands-on labs and discussions to ensure course topics are covered in a meaningful, relevant and timely manner. Delegates may be able to bring their own practical requirements and work to the course if the subjects and course topics are suitable.  

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

Javascript Programmers neede=ing more advanced skills


4.8 out of 5 average

JBI training course London UK

Part 1-Regular expressions 

  • This section covers Regular Expressions, what they are, their syntax and how they are used.
  • What is a regular expression
  • Properties and methods
  • Modifiers
  • Patterns
  • Special characters

Part 2-Working with constrained devices 

  • This section looks at some of the key areas that limit what a webpage can do, what these limitations are, what they apply to and how you can develop JavaScript code to handle these potential problems.
  • Introduction
  • TV - areas for consideration
  • Mobile - areas for consideration
  • Optimise with …
  • Web workers
  • Remove unused object properties or DOM elements
  • Yahoo's 35 rules


Part 3-SE best practices 

  • Software engineering best practice for JavaScript code, simple things that can be done now plus areas for further study.
  • Introduction
  • HTML comments
  • Common sense techniques
  • Anti-patterns
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Robustness
  • Common SE techniques and methodologies


Part 4-Third party frameworks & libraries 

  • Script management and structure - requireJS
  • Server side - node.js
  • Class() - simple inheritance as defined by John Resig
  • Client side - jQuery

Part 5-Common design patterns

  • Design patterns have been used for a long time in many development languages to provide standards and structure.  JavaScript now has a set of stable, reliable coding patterns that are being adopted by the JavaScript community.
  • Introduction
  • Patterns in JavaScript
  •         Single var pattern
  •         Literal syntax pattern
  •         Self-invoking constructor pattern
  • Singleton
  • Module
  • Memoisation
  • Decorator
  • Observer

Part 6-New technologies 

  • An introduction into the technologies that are currently being trialled for use; this section gives several areas that may be further explored by the attendees.
  • Web sockets
  • Canvas
  • Animation
  • WebGL

Examples and Exercises

  • There are numerous (standards compliant) examples available for this course that illustrate the concepts covered.
  • In addition to the examples there are practical exercises in each section that allow attendees to explore and consolidate their knowledge of the concept.  Further topics are given for future study that relate to the topics covered. 
  • Some of the exercises are done as team work, the remainder are done on an individual basis with the individual choosing the level of complexity they want to code within the exercise parameters.
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