C++ 20 Standard Library (Boost) training course

Discover The Power Of New C++ Libraries - Improve Functionality & Speed Up Development

Next 24 May (Remote)
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JBI training course London UK

  • Gain an Introduction to modern C++ up to C++20
  • Learn the latest C++ features
  • Understand the many new features in C++ 11 to C++20
  • Learn RValue and move symantics to help improve performance
  • Review modern Template features
  • Explore new Standard Library Features
  • Use multithreading and synchronisation
  • Run code asynchonously
  • Understand new C++ 20 features
  • Discover The Power Of New C++ Libraries
  • Improve Functionality & Speed Up Development


Our C++11/C++14/C++17 and C++20 training course is designed to update developer with the new C++ features.  

Many new C++ features introduced are designed to improve safety and performance.  

Also new Standard Library features are introduced which take advantage of these new C++ features. Other new Standard Library features are overviewed which reduce dependence on operating system.  This features include support for threading and synchronisation.

The latest C++20 features can change the way code is written and can improve the structure of code.

Exercises for some of the absolute latest features may be limited by compiler support although this support is improves with time!

JBI training course London UK
JBI training course London UK

C++ developers who need to upgrade their skills in line with the latest C++ standards


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  • Overview of History of C++ Language
  • Introduction to C++11/14/17/20
  • New features summary
  • Current compiler support

C++11 onward Features

  • Type inference (‘auto’)
  • ‘decltype’ and ‘constexpr’
  • ‘nullptr’
  • Alternative ‘for’
  • Improved ‘string’
  • RValue Reference and move semantics
  • Initialization improvements
  • Initializer lists
  • Uniform initialization
  • Pre-processor refinements
  • Strongly typed enums
  • Type Traits
  • Exception Safety and use of ‘noexcept’
  • Alignment

Class Features

  • Improved/simplified class definition
  • Use of ‘override’, ‘final’, ‘default’, ‘delete’
  • Delegating Constructors
  • Inheriting Constructors

Template Features

  • Improved Template support
  • Discussion of Template and Auto type deduction
  • Alias Templates
  • Variadic Templates
  • ‘extern’ templates
  • Template Templates
  • Variable Templates

C++11 Function Syntax

  • Lambda functions
  • Alternative function syntax and ‘Function’


Standard Template Library Fundamentals

  • Review fundamentals of Standard Library
  • Containers and Container Adapters
  • Iterators and Iterator Adapters
  • Algorithms (Including use of algorithms to avoid use of conventional loops)
  • Function Objects (Functors)
  • Lambda Functions vs Functors
  • Idioms of STL and Boost Library

STL New Features

  • Some older Standard Library Features are now deprecated.  Review newer alternatives.
  • Smart Pointers
  • New Binding capabilities
  • Revised Iterators
  • Containers (Hash tables; tuple; etc.)
  • Regular Expressions

Memory Model

  • Threading and Synchronization
  • Creating and terminating threads
  • Synchronisation (Mutexes and Atomic operations)
  • Thread Local Storage
  • Tasks using ‘async’ and ‘future’

C++14 SPECIFIC Features

  • Generic Lambdas
  • Initialised Lambda capture
  • Relaxed ‘constexpr’ restrictions


  • Review latest C++ features
  • Initialization statements within selection statements
  • constexpr if
  • Fold expressions
  • Attributes
  • string_view
  • Splicing maps and sets
  • Miscellaneous other small features!
  • Algorithms Library – Execution Policies
  • Sequential and parallel policies
  • Parallel Algorithms


  • The demonstration and usage of some these features may depend upon available compiler support!
  • Review latest C++ features
  • There are many new features, however four significant areas will be covered:
  • Concepts
  • Ranges (library)
  • Coroutines
  • Modules
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