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18 Nov London
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C++ 17 Standard Library (Boost) training course (code: CPPBOOST)


Our C++11/C++14 and C++17 training course is designed to update developer with the new C++ features.  C++ features are introduced which are designed to improve safety and performance.  Also new Standard Library features are introduced which take advantage of the new C++ features.  

Other new Standard Library features are overviewed which reduce dependence on operating system.  This features include support for threading and synchronisation.
Although review of some of the absolute latest features may be limited by compiler support!


C++ developers who need to upgrade their skills in line with the latest C++ standards




Overview of History of C++ Language
Introduction to C++11/C++14 and C++17
New features summary
Current compiler support

C++11 onward Features

Type inference (‘auto’)
‘decltype’ and ‘constexpr’
Alternative ‘for’
Improved ‘string’
RValue Reference and move semantics
Initialization improvements
             Initializer lists
             Uniform initialization
Pre-processor refinements
Strongly typed enums
Type Traits
Exception Safety and use of ‘noexcept’

Class Features

Improved/simplified class definition
Use of ‘override’, ‘final’, ‘default’, ‘delete’
Delegating Constructors
Inheriting Constructors

Template Features

Improved Template support
Discussion of Template and Auto type deduction
Alias Templates
Variadic Templates
‘extern’ templates
Template Templates
Variable Templates

C++11 Function Syntax

Lambda functions
Alternative function syntax and ‘Function’

Standard Template Library Fundamentals

Review fundamentals of Standard Library
Containers and Container Adapters
Iterators and Iterator Adapters
Algorithms (Including use of algorithms to avoid use of conventional loops)
Function Objects (Functors)
Lambda Functions vs Functors
Idioms of STL and Boost Library

STL New Features

Some older Standard Library Features are now deprecated.  Review newer alternatives.
Smart Pointers
New Binding capabilities
Revised Iterators
Containers (Hash tables; tuple; etc.)
Regular Expressions

Memory Model

Threading and Synchronization
Creating and terminating threads
Synchronisation (Mutexes and Atomic operations)
Thread Local Storage
Tasks using ‘async’ and ‘future’

C++14 SPECIFIC Features

Generic Lambdas
Initialised Lambda capture
Relaxed ‘constexpr’ restrictions


The demonstration and usage of some these features may depend upon available compiler support!
Review latest C++ features
Initialization statements within selection statements
constexpr if
Fold expressions
Splicing maps and sets
Miscellaneous other small features!
Algorithms Library – Execution Policies
Sequential and parallel policies
Parallel Algorithms
  • Understand the many new features in C++ 11
  • Understand new C++11 Syntax
  • Understand RValue and improvements to performance
  • Understand the C++11 Improvements to Templates
  • Understand older deprecated Standard Library Features
  • Understand new Standard Library Features
  • Understand C++11 Memory Model
  • How to add Threading and Synchronization
  • Understand new C++14
  • Understand proposed C++ features (C++17)

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18th Nov 2019 - 5 days £2495

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