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6 February 2018

Online fashion house gets intensive React training course in 2 days

Originating from Facebook, React is a component based front-end library that allows you to build applications out of a tree of small, testable, modular components. It runs, and a host of other high-performing web applications, and is designed to facilitate three goals: performance, agility, and scale.

A leading online fashion company with a team of developers had complex requirements for getting those developers understanding and working consistently with the popular React JavaScript framework.

The client had some existing websites that used React, however, some of their development team was new and had not had a chance to really get to know React despite having to support the existing product.

Our instructor talked to the client, discussed their business and skill needs for the team and worked out a custom built version of the course specifically for them.

The course was delivered onsite with no setup requirements for the client except booking a room with a projector and flipchart in their London offices.  The attendees brought their own laptops and used the existing IDE’s and code editors that they were familiar with (nothing worse than having to learn a new topic with unfamiliar hardware and software!)

The course started off with some basic React theory and architecture so that everyone understood how it all fitted together in the website.  Content then moved on to look at how components and composition could be applied to building a website that uses modern UX components.

Also covered were connecting to data, event handling, statefull and stateless components along with the pro’s and con’s of using JSX.

As the course progressed the topics became more in depth and the more experienced developers joined in for the second day where we spent the afternoon looking at Reacts complex coding patterns; Flux and Redux.

The course is delivered via a mixture of presentations, demonstrations and practical work.  The technical difficulty of the practical work can be chosen by the individual attendee; levels of difficulty ranged from a ‘ready-made’ JSON based website where the attendee adds simple components, to work based on their own companies webpages.

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