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26 October 2018

Machine Learning – can it help your organisation?

Many organisations today use Big Data to understand their customers, analyse trends and make smarter decisions.

The challenge, of course, is that the sheer scale and complexity of the data can make it very difficult to analyse – especially in real time.

That’s where Machine Learning comes in.

It’s a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that Data Scientists use for analysing data and making predictions from it.

Machine Learning algorithms identify data patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. But more than that – they learn from the experience and get better over time.

So they’re able to analyse – and act on – huge volumes of data in real time.

Machine Learning technology is increasingly being used in a range of industries to make predictions on data. But could it help your organisation? Here are some real-world examples to help you decide.

  • Financial services – by analysing customer behaviour, banks use Machine Learning to stop fraudulent activity in real time. They can also spot a potential account closure before it occurs.
  • Sales and marketing – many retailers use Machine Learning to analyse customer purchases and recommend other products that they might be interested in. It can also be used to identify customers for marketing campaigns.
  • Recruitment and performance – HR (Human Resource) systems use Machine Learning to identify the characteristics of high performing staff, and use it to recruit top talent.
  • Healthcare – Machine Learning helps medical experts to analyse patient data and identify trends or red-flags. Data from wearable devices and sensors can also be analysed in real time by using the technology.
  • Transport – Machine Learning is used to analyse patterns and trends, to predict traffic or make routes more efficient. And of course, self-driving cars use Machine Learning to interpret the vast amounts of data they receive in real time.
  • Security – video security systems use Machine Learning to detect crime before it happens. They track unusual behaviour of people and then alert human attendants. The technology can also be used to minimise identity theft and detect fraud (as mentioned above).
  • If you work with large complex data sets in your organisation, the chances are you’ll benefit from Machine Learning.

    Here at JBI Training, we run a number of Machine Learning training courses.

    Our 3-day Python Machine Learning training course, for example, provides advanced-level training on Machine Learning applications developed with Python. It’s aimed at Data Professionals, Quants and Software Developers / Engineers who have a basic knowledge of Python – and want to get better at building predictive analytics models.

    This Machine Learning course is intensive and interactive, and has practical exercises where you can apply the concepts. By attending this course, you will learn cutting-edge skills that cover:

  • Data preprocessing and feature engineering
  • Supervised learning algorithms using scikit-learn (the core Machine Learning library for Python)
  • Unsupervised learning algorithms using scikit-learn
  • Evaluation of algorithms, model introspection and error analysis
  • Machine Learning is a key skill these days for Data Scientists, Quants, Software Developers and Software Engineers.

    You can attend our Machine Learning and Data Science training courses at public courses in London throughout the year

    Or we can organise – and customise – a private course for your team on your site.




About the author: Craig Hartzel
Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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