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3 June 2022

International technological consultants receive boost to Python and machine learning knowledge

A major international technology consultant reached out to JBI to receive training in advanced uses of Python.

Python is one of the best programming languages to learn because it is easy to use due to its simple syntax that is more like English, which makes it easier to read and understand. Python is also a general purpose language, which means that it is extremely versatile with its uses in AI and machine learning, data analytics and visualisations, programming applications and more. The versatility has thus lead a massive open-source community being created. This is very beneficial to the technological consultants who specialise in a range of different areas such as security, aerospace, pharma, medicine, etc. all of which will utilise Python in a different manner and can find many solutions to problems online. Python is also a fantastic language for the consultant to use because it can adopt test driven development which speeds up the development process by continuously testing the application code. Furthermore, Python’s ability to produce machine learning and AI solutions enables the consultants to produce innovative and more hands off decision making that allows better identification to improved solutions.

Many of the employees are required to have some sort of understanding in the fundamentals of Python when they join the consultants but they must gain a stronger comprehension of the advanced features to innovate technical solutions to client’s problems. Therefore, JBI curated a training course that mixed the advanced python course and the machine learning training course. By communicating with the consultants, JBI tailored the exercises and demonstration in the course to be specific to the delegates attending. The course outline was as follows:

  • Execute Agile development with TDD in Python
  • Explore advanced language techniques to learn decorators, iterators and generators
  • Learn functional programming methods such as Lambda functions
  • Write high performance libraries with Cython, C and C++
  • Learn threads, concurrency threading and multiprocessing libraries
  • Learn about framing a business application as a Machine Learning task
  • Explore feature engineering techniques to extract useful attributes from your data
  • Implement supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms using Python
  • Evaluate the quality of your models, using evaluation metrics, model introspection and error analysis
  • Understand the concepts of Deep Learning & Neural networks

The training course occurred remotely in the UK offices of the consultants and lasted for 3 days. JBI received feedback following the end of the course, which was very positive and the delegates eulogized about the instructor:

“I thought that the content was very well presented, and at a fast and engaging pace. I thought that instructor made the material accessible, and did a great job of answering questions as we went along. He was extremely knowledgeable and experienced too” PL, Senior Engineer

“It is a course that covers a wide variety of topics. I liked the way Michael was going from the fundamentals to fairly advanced topics in every chapter. Running examples ourselves was really helpful.” SM, Applications Engineer

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In this Video, Marco gives an overview of how we run our Live Remote/Virtual Python course ... The content is taken from our Python for Data Analysts training course

A taster video for Python Remote Training

About the author: Craig Hartzel
Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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