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11 August 2022

Leading UK material supply service uses C# to build new stock supply application 

One of the largest material supply services in the UK requested that JBI supply a training course for C# programming language in order for the company to develop an app on Xamarin.Forms, which they also required training for.

The supply company ran a stock system application that ran on Windows CE 6/7 barcode scanners (Zebra MC3100/MC3200).  This hardware had gone end of sale and Zebra had been moving its customers over to Android since the MC3200 was launched as a Windows CE 7 or Android device a few years back. The materials supply service company are going to have to redevelop their app for the newer Zebra MC3300x, which runs on Android 10 only. In order to start developing apps for the MC3300x, they decided to learn C# and Xamarin.Forms, which would give them a good foundation for writing both touch screen applications and also Windows desktop applications through the .NET framework too. C# is the perfect language for this company’s project because C# is the programming language for Xamarin.Forms, which can create apps with near native performance levels, and it was created by Microsoft and thus is perfect for creating Windows desktop applications with the .NET framework. C# is also a general purpose language, which means that the developers may find use for it beyond this project. It is also an easier language to learn than other languages that are used for web and app development such as JavaScript and because C# is statically typed and easy to read, it is simpler for users to find errors in their scripts.

In cooperation with the instructor and the supply company, JBI designed a tailor made and initial three day training course on C# language, .NET introduction and then another two day course on Xamarin.Forms. During communication the supply company made a number of requests such as learning to write web API’s to sit between the app and their SQL Server 2016. JBI also ensured that exercises and demonstrations were tailored to the specific needs and scenarios that will be faced during the project. JBI set some learning objectives to ensure the training was a success:

  • Introduction to C#, object oriented programming, error handling and other C# .NET features
  • Use WPF to develop windows applications
  • Explore Xamarin.Forms controls
  • Understand mobile development features
  • Build a Xamarin application for android

The training course, like many since the pandemic, took place virtually using Zoom with the three software developers attending. They were very complimentary about the training course:

“Very interactive, and the course flowed well, the instructor was clear and very descriptive during the course. I've come away confident that I can use the features with good knowledge.” JC, software developer

“A good introduction that certainly filled in some gaps in my knowledge. Interactive exercises were very helpful in understanding the concepts being taught.” LK, software engineer

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About the author: Craig Hartzel
Craig is a self-confessed geek who loves to play with and write about technology. Craig's especially interested in systems relating to e-commerce, automation, AI and Analytics.

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