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25 January 2023

Major UK Bank trains graduates in C++

Ongoing Training with JBI

A major UK banking group requested JBI to run several training courses as part of their graduate and post graduate programme, we supplied a custom designed Python data analysis and quant course which was held on site at the bank.

Following the success of this course, we took the same delegates and held a full week’s on-site training in C++.

Why C++?

A powerful programming language C++ is widely used in the banking industry due to its performance, reliability, and versatility. Used to develop trading platforms and algorithms, risk management systems, as well as fraud detection systems. Banks utilise C++ across their systems with the banking industry increasingly more reliant on technological practices that are transforming financial processes.

The C++ training was designed to educate the delegates on how to code new models, enhance existing ones, and perform technical analysis and testing, whilst also supplying a foundational education across all business areas and for future technological developments.

Why JBI?

The client wanted to train the delegates with a customised course that would quickly teach them the skills and knowledge that would be relevant to the roles they were moving into as well as integrating them into the systems already in place within the organisation.

Working with banks for over 25 years JBI is used to preparing and delivering courses that will be tailored to a client’s needs. Our experience in designing customised C++ courses across the banking industry allowed us to deliver the highest level of bespoke IT training on-site in London. As one of the most experienced training providers and a leader in our field we were able to quickly understand the banks needs and so deliver exactly the type of training they were after.

Held on-site the course, was run by an expert instructor in C++. A trainer who understood the requirements of graduates moving into banking positions and could supply a first-hand experience during the training. Covering advanced topics, and industry-specific challenges, the trainer was able to pinpoint exactly what areas would provide the bank and the delegates with the highest level of training.

A more comprehensive and tailored solution than off-the-shelf training, JBI Training supplied a course that will prepare the graduates for the roles they were undertaking.

Highlights of the course include:

  • Delegates learn principles of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Create Efficient Responsive Robust C++ Applications - Where Performance Matters
  • Implement Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Understand use of Operators and Streams
  • Gain an Introduction to the Standard Library
  • Learn principles of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Create Efficient Responsive Robust C++ Applications - Where Performance Matters
  • Explore Imperative Programming Features
  • Use Functions and Flow of Control
  • Understand Memory Management
  • Work with Pointers and Smart Pointers
  • Learn Data Structures and Classes
  • Implement Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Apply Templates for Generic Programming
  • Understand use of Operators and Streams
  • Gain an Introduction to the Standard Library
  • Explore New C++ 11 to C++20 Features.

Feedback received from course delegates.

“Ken was awesome all-round. Very friendly and approachable. Not judgemental, up for a laugh, incredibly helpful. As someone who has been a teacher and has been an academic for 8 years, I can say that Ken is excellent at his job.” – Connor - 10/10

“I liked that the lecturer gave time to complete the exercises and despite the fact that the course lasted only a week a lot of material was covered.” – Simon – 10/10

“Generally, I liked the explanations and the overall feel during the classes. Sometimes, I was lost on the more complicated topics, but as we spend so much time on the easier topics, we did not have enough time to go more into detail. Overall, it is pretty good. – Alex - 9/10

“Ken was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Some of the niche later features covered were covered quite quickly and I ended up just copying the code down. An idea is to tell people that they should go ahead with the exercises if they find the earlier ones too easy.” – L – 10/10

“It was very well explained with useful exercises and examples. Wonderful and highlighting discussions between the instructor and the students about the topics discussed in it.” – Martin - 10/10

“I liked the split between lectured material and exercises and found the instructor to be approachable and very knowledgeable.” – Dominic – 10/10

“Very good instructor.”  - Caio - 10/10

“Overall, very happy” – Fandi – 10/10

“I liked the pace and the structure of the content, as well as how it was presented and the exercises that promoted the use of the learnings.” -Mustapha - 10/10

“Liked.”  - Kai - 10/10

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Here is a short video of an exercise on illustrating inheritance and polymorphism in C++ as it would be taught on JBI training's 4 day C++ introduction training course.

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