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27 January 2023

Water Company trains staff in Advanced Power BI

Power BI

With its superior capacity to handle data and create visualisations and extensive reports, many organisations are turning to Power BI for business analytics and key decision making.

Recently one of the UK’s major water suppliers contacted JBI Training as they needed to provide staff with courses that would improve proficiency in Power BI.

The water company, having booked training with JBI, on our Power BI fundamentals training course, wanted to train delegates in the advanced Power BI course that we offer.

The water company was using Power BI to analyse and visualise data related to their operations. Using customised built dashboards with visualised reports in areas such as water usage, customer billing, maintenance schedules, and to display key metrics, such as the amount of water produced and distributed, and the number of customer complaints and issues detected. The water company was keen for their staff to continue their Power BI Training.

Staff in positions such as systems, supply, and performance monitoring were all using Power BI to quickly view and access key information and identify patterns and trends, all leading to informed decisions about how to improve operations and reduce costs.

It was determined that an enhanced knowledge of Power BI, would be beneficial, utilising the program to dig deeper into usage and create interactive maps; displaying information about water distribution and infrastructure and also to use the program to track the progress of maintenance and repair work.

Why JBI Training?

The water company wanted to supply a course to staff that would improve staff proficiency skills and knowledge, leading to more informed decision-making and forecasting.

After consultation with JBI Training, it was decided that the delegates would be trained in JBI’s 3-day Power BI  - Beyond the Basics Course.

The client worked in collaboration with the trainer to determine exactly what the course should teach and how it would be tailored to the needs of the industry. We were able to supply a more effective solution than off-the-shelf training by addressing the specific needs of the trainees and adapting to the needs of the client.

With over 25 years of experience in supplying Bespoke IT Training for corporations and organisations, we were able to supply a course that was tailored to the client’s needs, a customised course in advanced Power BI with one-on-one tuition.

JBI ran the training course virtually via Microsoft teams, led by an expert instructor with the attendees providing glowing feedback on the content and the instructor.

“I've had the pleasure of being trained by Clive before and although some pieces were covered in my original basic training that has now moved to the advanced course, I still took a lot away from it and thoroughly enjoyed the three days. Clive is very patient and explains everything in such a clear manner.”  - 10/10 - Sam - Performance Reporting Analyst

“Clive’s knowledge was beyond comprehensive, very impressive. Kept checking in about the pace and everyone’s upkeep with him as he went through the course.“  - 10/10  - Dan - Knowledge & Systems Developer

“Excellent subject matter by the instructor. Pace was well thought out and dependent on the student's engagement. Very much value added.” – 10/10 - – Logan - Supply Chain Resilience Planner

The highlights of the course include.

  1. Maximising Power BI's features to create complex calculations in DAX.
  2. Understand possible pitfalls in the use of DAX.
  3. Developing an understanding of the logic of time intelligence calculations and rolling totals.
  4. Use variables to optimise DAX calculations.
  5. Learning feature of digital story telling using Power BI.
  6. DAX calculation groups - enhance measures of flexibility & re-usability.
  7. Teaching the use of visualisation tools for smooth page navigation and stunning visuals.
  8. Explore different uses of bookmarks feature: presentation, navigation.
  9. Create / reuse summary and detail reports using drill through & cross-rep.
  10. Implement templates and layouts to build enterprise bespoke reports.
  11. Optimise space and add depth to reports using page tooltips.
  12. Synchronize your filters across pages.
  13. Learn advanced data modelling to solve data design issues.
  14. Use Power Query and data flow to create reusable datasets.
  15. Use M language to complete the query editing possibilities.
  16. Utilise conditional columns, columns from examples, and custom columns.
  17. Use Power BI Administration to control self-service, processes & policies*
  18. Set up the gateway and automated data refresh*
  19. Modify Power BI service settings to customise permissions *
  20. Secure your reports using apps, workspace access, Dynamic Role level*

This is a short video from the Power BI - Beyond the Basics training course


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