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Why you should train your staff with the most up to date technology.

1 February 2023

I wish that I knew what I know now When I was younger.

"Clichés are Truisms, and all Truisms are True" - Jack Kerouac

Hindsight - A Detailed Reflection

Reflecting upon our past is indeed an enlightening practice. Countless instances might make us yearn for a portal to return to times past, equipped with the insight we hold now. If only we were bestowed with the knowledge back then, we could have orchestrated different choices. Note, so you do not think like this take a look at JBI's Power Automate training where you can be ahead of your industry curve.

This philosophical stance extends to a practical facet of our lives– technology utilised in the business sphere. In retrospect, the impact of introducing new technology early on might manifest as notably significant. However, since we can't bend the river of time, we are left with the essence of learning from the past.

Adopting Latest Technology – A Prerequisite in Today’s Business Landscape

In the current business climate, staying ahead of the curve necessitates the deployment of innovative technology. Yet, it's not sufficient to merely invest in advanced systems and software. What's of equal, if not more, importance is the assurance that your personnel are aptly trained to leverage them.

Neglect of staff training can bear a significant cost, particularly when considering that staff expenses can constitute up to 70% of the complete business cost. By investing in employee training, the efficiency and productivity of your staff are being optimized, simultaneously paving the path for your business's future success.

Tailor-Made Technology Training at JBI

At JBI Training, we appreciate that varying organisations have distinct requisites relating to technology training. Hence we extend bespoke training curriculums, specifically tailored to your business needs. Our proficient trainers collaborate with you, assessing your staff's needs and developing customised training plans that tick all your boxes.

Advantages of Bespoke Training

Conducting personalised training harbours a clear-cut set of benefits:

  • One-on-one training under the guidance of expert trainers equips your personnel with the necessary capabilities to execute their responsibilities competently.

  • Training employing the latest technology diminishes the time, financial and resource investment required to execute manual tasks and control systems that are prone to errors.

  • When employees have been trained to an optimum level of application knowledge, they tend to showcase higher levels of competence and capability.

Utilising the modern technology and software available, your staff can leverage the tools and programmes that the contemporary market offers. As an illustration, no-code/low-code technologies empower employees to carry out system modifications and report development that would otherwise need professional expertise.

Staying Competitive

Equipping your staff with the latest technology training provides a leverage point over your industry competitors. You can stay competitive, optimise the use of implemented technologies, and position yourself favourably within your industry.

Don't be the enterprise that misses opportunities for growth and innovation due to inadequate training. At JBI Training, we can collaborate with you to develop a training regimen that empowers your staff to fully exploit the potential of technology. With the appropriate training, you can mould a more efficient, productive, and successful future for your business.

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