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Benefits of Using Power BI for a  Pension Provider

6 February 2023

The benefits of using Power BI for a Pension Provider

The Benefits of Using Power BI for A Pension Provider!

Recently the UK’s Largest Private Pension Scheme – participated in ongoing training for staff in Power BI, Power BI - Beyond the Basics and Power BI: DAX Training with JBI Training.

Our bespoke Power BI training courses were supplied on the clients premises.

We examine the benefits of using Power BI as a business intelligence tool for a pension provider.

Data visualisation: Our Power BI fundamentals training taught delegates how to transform complex data into interactive and visually appealing reports, making it easier to understand and communicate important information.

Data integration: Training consisted of teaching how Power BI can integrate data from a variety of sources, previously systems and software such as Excel spreadsheets, databases, and some cloud, the course covered pulling all this information together to provide a complete view of the data.

Real-time insights: Once the dashboard has been setup Power BI is able to pull in real-time data analysis and process updates, we taught the delegates how this can be utilised for a pension provider, allowing them to stay on top of their performance and respond quickly to changes in market conditions.

Scalability: The Delegates were trained in how to utilise Power BI’s capacity to handle large amounts of data.

Accessibility: with so many staff working in hybrid roles we taught how Power BI dashboards can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, providing data mangers planners with the flexibility to make informed decisions from anywhere, at any time.

Collaboration: With decision making taking place in several offices, as well as nationally and internationally we taught delegates how to share and collaborate on reports.

By using DAX in Power BI, pension providers can gain a deeper understanding of their data and make informed decisions to manage their pension plans effectively.

Delving Deeper and Using DAX: The Client also wanted staff to be trained in DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) which is a formula language used in Power BI to create custom calculations and aggregations.

With the tailor-made course we ran we taught how DAX can be used by a pension provider to

Calculate key financial metrics such as the present value of future pensions, expected returns on investments, and future liabilities.

Delegates were trained to analyse and create visualised data allowing a deeper insight into demographic trends, investment performance, and customer behaviour.

Below is a taster video - Power BI: DAX


The Ongoing training is held onsite at the client’s premises, but we can also train remotely or provide our own training spaces.

Some of the feedback from our Power BI training for the Pension Provider.

“Very informative course and well presented”.  – Gavin, Planning & Performance Manager. 10/10

“Very good course to introduce the use of DAX and additional filtering and power query functions. clear and helpful” – Peter, Data Quality Manager. 9.2/10

“Clive tailored the course to suit everyone’s needs” – Lyndsey, Investment Accountant. 10/10

“Very thorough and achieved what I thought” - Eifion, Client Engagement Manager. 9.6/10

“The course was easy to follow and understand. I appreciated the mix of technical and non-technical explanations which were easier for someone without an IT background to follow and Clive was really nice :)” - Emma, Pensions Business Control Analyst. 10/10

“There was a good balance of doing/teaching. - I would personally prefer the introduction section to have been a little shorter.” - Rhys, Team Manager. 9.6/10

“Enjoyed the pace and coverage, and the material. Instructor was also very knowledgeable, approachable, and friendly.” -  Matt, Test Analyst. 10/10

“Good intro to Power BI - started with the basics which was what I needed. Might have been good to bring your own data examples to see how they could be used in our worlds.” -  Caroline, Head of Procurement. 9.2/10

“Pitched at the correct level. Directions were very clear. Clive was very good with explaining everything, he was patient.”  - Julia, Senior Category Manager. 9.6/10

“I liked that the course covered the fundamentals like measures, so I got a better idea about how the system worked. Would have been nice to get started a bit more promptly after breaks and move a bit faster to cover more content.” - Alex, Strategy & Insight Officer. 9.2/10

We can provide the solution to all your training needs.

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